Zuma backers bankrolling him and his family

President Jacob Zuma faces a grilling in parliament in coming weeks over disclosures that two Durban businessmen bankroll one of his wives’ luxury lifestyles.
Opposition parties will use questions in parliament to try to get clarity from the head of state as to why businessmen who have backed him over the years are now picking up the tab for the eight-bedroom house in Durban’s plush Morningside suburb in which his fourth wife, Nompumelelo Ntuli-Zuma, lives rent-free.

Both the ID and the DA also want full disclosure about whether the two or other businessmen are covering the expenses of any of his other wives.

Controversial Durban businessman and alleged former NIA operative Erwin Ullbricht and multimillionaire Abdul Rahim Malek have been jointly picking up the tab for Ntuli-Zuma’s home since late 2005.

Company records reveal business links between Ullbricht and Zuma’s son Mxolisi Saady Zuma, one of five children from his second wife, Kate.

This week Ullbricht confirmed he had paid for Ntuli’s expenses out of “love” for Zuma and did not expect anything in return.

Parliament’s register of members’ interests lists Ullbricht as paying for a lavish party for Zuma several years ago.

The 34-year-old denied receiving any government work and said nobody could compare his footing of Ntuli’s bills to Schabir Shaik’s corrupt relationship with Zuma, which led to Shaik being jailed.

Ullbricht is listed as a director of four companies, two of which he co-directs with Mxolisi Zuma.

These entities, Gedle Construction cc and Gedle Events cc, were registered in 2006.

Ullbricht said the companies he set up with Zuma’s son had “never traded”.

The Morningside house, which Malek bought in 1996 for R825000, has been occupied rent-free by Ntuli-Zuma since late 2005.

The company through which Ntuli-Zuma’s lease is facilitated, Nxamalala Investments, is not registered.

However, the house is registered in the name of Howard Love Trust and Investment Company (Pty) Ltd, of which Malek is a listed director.

Ullbricht – who was raided by the Scorpions in 2005 in connection with Zuma’s then corruption case – said he “facilitated” Ntuli-Zuma’s rental of the house, near the presidential residence, King’s House, and Shaik’s home shortly after Zuma was fired as deputy president in 2005.

As president, Zuma has access to several state residences, as well as his Nkandla home – which is being upgraded at taxpayers’ cost – and a salary of R2.245-million a year.

This week it was reported that lawyers representing Malek had written to Ullbricht giving Ntuli-Zuma – who runs several businesses – until March 31 to move out since the home had been sold.

However, on Friday, Ullbricht said the notice had been withdrawn by Malek and that Ntuli-Zuma would continue living there with her two children and other relatives of Zuma.

Asked why he was bankrolling one of the first ladies when she had business interests of her own, Ullbricht said: “I have no knowledge of any businesses interests on her part … That has nothing to do with me. “

Malek said he had provided the house for Ntuli-Zuma for five years in support of the president because he was being sidelined by the ANC leadership at the time after being dismissed from government.

“He is a good man who is doing something for the poor. He is the poor man’s friend,” said Malek.

He added that he had “absolutely” no business relationship with the government.

DA leader Helen Zille said: “It is really important to know who, if anyone, is bankrolling the president and his family.”

Zille said the DA parliamentary contingent would raise questions in parliament around the benefits from Ullbricht and Malek.

She added that the DA would also check whether any of Zuma’s other wives were being paid for by third parties.

About Erwin Ullbricht

Young Ullbricht calls himself Zuma’s “adopted” son, and always lurks in the background whenever Zuma appears at public events. He regards Zuma as a mentor and says he has a direct line to the ANC president.

He is often seen on the fringes of Zuma functions, talking on his cellphone. Described in media reports as a wealthy businessman who bankrolls Zuma, Ullbricht has no discernable business empire, but says he spent about R60 000 on a bash for Zuma’s 62nd birthday and apparently partly organised Zuma’s 65th birthday celebrations.

He is from Treasure Beach, a working-class suburb in Durban. Ullbricht once worked for Vivian Reddy, marketing his Newcastle casino.

Ullbricht’s home was raided by the Scorpions in connection with documents relating to Zuma and he was investigated in connection with a curious plot reported in the Durban media as an attempt to assassinate KZN Judge President Vuka Tshabalala.



Govt pays for soccer jaunt

The Eastern Cape health department may have been defrauded of as much as R10-million over the past three years in a scam run under cover of an air ambulance contract.

Spokesman Sizwe Kupelo said the initial results of an investigation by a team that included accountants indicated the department had been grossly overcharged for services rendered by the company awarded the contract.

The department was not suggesting any wrongdoing on the part of the company, National Airways Corporation, which was co-operating with the investigation.

“But we are investigating possible collusion between some of our officials and their employees,” he said.

Typical of the instances of overcharging was billing six hours for a flight from East London to Mthatha, and six hours back.

The department had suspended several of its officials in connection with the scam, and referred matters to the police for investigation, Kupelo said.

The province’s head of emergency medical services, Shanks Maharaj, was suspended last year following an investigation into a R95 000 jaunt to Bloemfontein in an air ambulance at the department’s expense.

The plane was used to fly officials to watch a Confederations Cup match between Spain and the United States. Maharaj resigned earlier this month, without having gone through a disciplinary enquiry.

Among eight other officials suspended last week, also in relation to the flight, are a provincial operations manager, three heads of ambulance centres, a secretary, two emergency fleet managers and the deputy manager of an ambulance centre. They would face a disciplinary hearing next week.

He said the department had identified 411 irregular contracts worth some R49 million awarded in this way in the 2008/9 and 2009/10 financial years.

Among them was one awarded to a security company to service about 15 clinics in the East London area, for which the company was now demanding payment of R164 000.


SA government’s excessive indulgence – R158m spent on luxuries

The ANC government has spent R158-million a month, or R5.3-million per day, on travel, restaurant expenses and accommodation, the Democratic Alliance said on their website.

Last year the Democratic Alliance set out in some detail the amount of money an ANC executive was spending on luxury cars. They also detailed the huge amounts being wasted on conferences and advertising.

Across the board it appears that, wherever there is room for indulgence, it has been excessive and unnecessary, the DA said.

The DA revealed that the problem extends to the amount government is spending on travel, restaurant expenses and accommodation. The DA asked a generic question to each national department and, of the 19 departments to have responded to date, between March 2008 and September 2009, a total cost of R1.7-billion has been incurred.

The 19 departments represent roughly half of the national government. The DA estimates that the full cost, between all departments, runs in excess of R3-billion. This means that the ANC administration is spending about R158-million every month, or R5.3 million-per day, on travel, restaurant expenses and accommodation, the DA concluded.

The five departments that have been identified as the biggest food spenders were:
•International Relations: R426-million
•Justice and Constitutional Development: R292-million
•Labour: R159-million
•Public Works: R134-million
•Rural Development and Land Reform: R134-million

The DA also found that the Department of Finance was making extensive use of first class travel and could have saved a significant amount of money had it used economy class.


Horrendous slaughter: details of latest SA crimes

 Radical Islamists incite SA blacks to kill all whitesand the  Slaughter of whites continues:


20100226 Farmer Paul Dunn, murdered on citrus farm Constantia, Letsitele Limpopo

Facebook member Jaypee Smuts writes:  ‘on Friday night (26-02-2010): the Letsitele, Limpopo farmer Paul Dunn was murdered in our area, shot and killed on his farm at Constantia,  Letsitele — after numerious breakins and vehicle thefts in the area. Reports to the police — who has done nothing up till then — all of a sudden the SAPS now wanted to arrange a meeting with all our farmers, to do what?  Its too late … now, another life has been taken, crime was reported and they did nothing, but when the mangos strike the fan they want to jump and show everyone that they are interested, they suck and it makes you sick” ………. also view the Name list murdered rural residents in South Africa since 1987 – updated Feb 26 2010  . No confirmation has been obtained from the SAPS about Mr Dunn’s murder -  and it has thus far not been reported in the SA news media. (Also: an updated list appears below this article)

2010-02-20 Colleen van Eck, 59, Sun City public relations manager, beaten and strangled -  Rustenburg tourist flat

  • Four others released by court after Sun City murder Police arrested a fifth black man – all the way in the Free State — for the mysterious murder of 59-year-old Colleen van Eck, the Afrikaner woman who had worked for many years as the hugely popular public-relations manager of the Sun City tourism and  gambling-resort in Rustenburg in North West province. This is also the venue for the English football team and –fans attending the World Cup 2010 football tournament in South Africa in June. The PR-manager ‘s cruel murder shook the entire South African tourism industry to the core – also because of its cruelty: she had apparently not only be beaten but also thrown hard against the wall of her flat before she was strangled.  and local politicians announced in dramatic statements to the news media that they would  ‘do everything possible to find the culprits.’ Police superintendent Lesogo Metso said on Sundan that the latest arrested 28-year-old suspect’s fingerprints ‘matched those found on the crime scene’. It’s strange: he was arrested a long distance away – in Bothaville in the Free State. However he has been posively linked as to the murder of Mrs Van Eck – who lived alone, police said. The man had apparently worked as a gardener for the black-economic-empowerment company which maintains Sun City’s dramatic, huge gardens and water-features. Apparently the only item stolen from her Sun City flat had been her cellphone, police said. Four people were arrested earlier – they had been in possession of Van Eck’s cellphone -  in the town Ledig, a township near Sun City.They appeared briefly in court but not charged with anything – and merely released on a warning to appear in court later. No evidence was found linking them directly to the murder police claimed (except the cellphone). Police said their arrest however had led directly to the arrest of the man in Bothaville whose fingerprints were found on the scene, Metsi said. It is uncertain if anything other than Van Eck’s cellphone was stolen, Metsi said. The man will appear in the Mogwase Magistrate’s Court on Monday on a charge of murder. – Sapa http://www.thestar.co.za/?fSectionId=&fArticleId=nw20100227143738257C900677


Uwe Gemballa German businessman missing in Johannesburg South Africa2010-02-09 German businessman Uwe Gemballa of Stuttgart – missing, presumed dead in Johannesburg

2010-02-21 Johannesburg – Local and German police were working together in the search for a German businessman who disappeared on 9 February – shortly after arriving in South Africa.  "We are working closely together with German police on the investigation," said Senior Superintendent Vishnu Naidoo.  Two German police officers were in South Africa to help find the businessman Uwe Gemballa who went missing after landing at the Johannesburg International Airport on February 8.

Gemballa – left — is the Stuttgart-based owner and founder of Gemballa Porsche Conversions, which does conversions on Porsches and other luxury sports cars across the globe. "All we know is [that] he contacted his wife on the 9th of February and he hasn’t left South Africa. He is missing, basically," said Naidoo. The skilled automative engineer and entrepreneur is thought to have visited South Africa on a business trip. He was due to leave the country on February 10, Naidoo said. Meanwhile German media reported that the Gemballa family had issued a €10 000 Euro reward for information that may lead to his rescue.The Sunday Times newspaper had received information from sources close to the investigation that several people had been questioned by police and were subsequently released. The newspaper also suggested that a Czech Republic fugitive, a businessman who is believed to be in South Africa, may have been involved in Gemballa’s disappearance. The Czech businessman had been convicted for fraud in absentia in the Czech Republic and the (then) Johannesburg High Court in 2005 turned down his extradition application.German embassy spokesman Martin Schaefer referred questions to the police. http://www.news24.com/Content/SouthAfrica/News/1059/40cab0cbdbd34ff5b333d53356338e56/21-02-2010-09-50/SA,_German_cops_search_for_missing_man http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gemballa


2010-02-10 Mr Vinoth Kumar Vallinayagam, computer engineer from India – killed mercilessly during contract-job in Pretoria
Indian computer engineer killed mercilessly

February 10 2010PRETORIA Reported on the website “Report a Crime SA”" – Mr. Vinoth Kumar Vallinayagam went on an IT project from India to South Africa on Dec 17. He was working for the Utkarsh company in India – and his client was T-Systems in South Africa. He was supposed to return to India on Feb 11 but he was missing from Feb10, his family writes on Report A Crime: “ 

We were informed that the local police traced the dead body of Vinoth in a mortuary near Pretoria. It is very disappointing that a person who went to South Africa for his career growth as well as for the growth of the company in South Africa was murdered for just a few hundred dollars by some heartless people. He would have even gifted that money to the killer if he was in need of money. Our family is in deep grief we have lost someone who was very dear to us. We are bringing this to public so that everyone is aware of what is happening in this world around us…” the original story is on “Report A Crime “: http://www.reportacrime.co.za/CrimeReport.aspx?ID=189


2010-02-25 Pieter van Niekerk (40) shot dead with five shots, Geduld, Springs

Niekerk van Pieter 40 murdered Springs Feb262010 Beeld February 25 2010 – Pieter van Niekerk (40) was shot and killed with five shots by robbers in Geduld, Springs. ‘He leaves two little girls – Stella (11) and Landi (6).  Mr van Niekerk was gunned down while trying to help the victim of a car-jacking at around 20:00.

Van Niekerk and his fiancee Ms Madeleine Cole (45) were enroute home when they saw  a woman run down Retief Street in Geduld screaming: “Help, help” and men running away. Mr van Niekerk chased one down the road in his car, stopped next to the man and shouted: ‘what the f..k are you doing?” The man turned around and fired six shots – he was hit by five. Ms Cole said one of the shots went through Mr Van Niekerk’s body and scraped her hand. The couple were all set to move into his mom’s home yesterday. Ms Cole managed to jump from the car but she turned around – and saw how the man dragged Mr Van Niekerk’s from the car and chase off with it. She said at that stage it looked as if he was still alive. Paramedics tried to revive him but he died on the scene. His mom Doreen (87) is in shock reports Beeld. Van Niekerk was the youngest of her 16 children. One of his brothers Pieter told the newspaper his brother was always trying to h elp people. “that’s how he was. He always wanted to help and never failed to do so. We are very angry’. Police inspector Tommy Tomlinson confirmed that no-one had been arrested as yet. http://www.beeld.com/Content/Suid-Afrika/Nuus/1928/60aae6c8485e429f8207b2dfc26b72f8/27-02-2010-05-54/Hy_wou_help_en_toe_skiet_kaper_hom


2010-02-27 ‘4 strong guys’ beat 69-year-old Leon Pistorius of Gezina with pick-axe handle

February 27 2010 – 69-year-old Leon Pistorius of Gezina in Pretoria was attacked by four armed robbers – who brutally beat up the elderman man with a pick-axe handle at his daughter’s house. 

Virginia Keppler reports that he also was badly scratched on his arms and left badly bruised. Two of the suspects were arrested by three police teams from Sunnyside; Die Moot and Eersterust police stations. Pistorius said he arrived just before 1pm at daughter Heidie van Gass’ house to pick up his grandson Werner (9) and saw a white Renault Clio parked in the driveway. “The gate was ajar and I was just squeezing myself through it with my ‘fat belly’ whenIhe saw a group of men busy at the garage messing about with a pick-axe.” He still didn’t suspect anything: “I thought there were problems with the electricity and that the gate didn’t open for that reason,’ he said. He let himself in at the front door and then walked through the house back to the garage. That’s when he realised they were up to no good – and asked them: “what the hell are you doing here” when he saw the men. He was grabbed at once: “they were strong blokes,’ he said. “They grabbed my arms, robbed me of R2,080, my watch and cellphoned and threatened to kill me if I didn’t lay still.” He didn’t notice a firearm on them he said. He said he lay still until they left in his bakkie as well as the Clio. Meanwhile Mrs Van Gass’ neighbours had alerted her about the fact that her electric gate and garage-door were wide-open – and she immediately phoned a woman friend who worked at a police station.The three police teams which were alerted noted the bakkie near Eersterust and started chasing it. In Isaac avenue the suspects jumped from the bakkie and tried to run away – however the local community teamed up with the cops and captured two of the men. Mr Pistorius’ bakkie and most of the stolen goods from the robbery were found back said constable Sam Shibambo.http://www.beeld.com/Content/Suid-Afrika/Nuus/1928/3bf48679bbc1499d808e8ed103d91ddc/27-02-2010-05-45/%E2%80%98Sterk_knape%E2%80%99__slaan_man_(69)_met_houtpiksteel

2010-02-27 Six-year-old Martha Radebe of Thabong – stabbed six times – for only Eight Rand..

2010-02-27 Welkom – Six-year-old Martha Radebe – a first-grader at Lehakwe Primary in Thabong township, Welkom, was stabbed at least six times and robbed of the R8 (about 80 cents) which her mom had given her to buy cooldrink with. Tom de Wet of Volksblad reports that the little girl is in critical condition at the local Oppenheimer hospital. The attack against the little girl took place at around 7:30pm. The child was stabbed in her body and legs. Her mom went searching for the girl when she stayed away too long. Mrs Emelia Radebe said she found her girl standing in the street – bloodied and with her intestines hanging from gaping wounds. She collapsed when she saw her mom.  Radebe said a neighbouring woman stopped someone driving past and they rushed the child to hospital. There shortly before she lost consciousness she told her mom and dad Joseph Radebe that ‘a man stabbed her with a knife to take her money’.Family says it’s inconceivable that no-one had seen anything. “The street is very busy that time of the early evening with people arriving from work or going to the tuck shop,’ she said. There was no formal comment from police. http://www.beeld.com/Content/Suid-Afrika/Nuus/1928/1a36ea85c0fd45a7bed5556eef901927/27-02-2010-05-20/Rower_steek_sesjarige_meisie_ses_keer_vir_R8


2010-02-24 Kerneels Cronje 83, critically injured, farm attack by eight armed men

    WELKOM. – The Volksblad reports from the Free State that 83-year-old Kerneels Cronje – from the farm Doorlaagte in the district – was seriously injured in an armed attack against the family near their homestead’s cattle-kraal by eight black men armed with three handguns who arrived in a yellow Isuzu-bakkie with a white top – pretending that they wanted to buy cattle.

    Cronjé was assaulted with a blunt object – probably an iron pipe. Police captain Stephen Thakeng said Cronjé and his farm worker  David Mei (30), walked to the kraal right next to the homestead with the ‘cattle-purchasers’ and were then assaulted and tied up. Then the eight male attackers walked to the homestead; assaulting and tying up the farmer’s wife and daughter, Anna (85) and Petro (53) inside. Some then walked back to the kraal to fetch the Afrikaner farmer – dragging the old man inside and beating him up severely with an iron bar. Meanwhile Mr Mei had managed to untie himself and ran to a neighbouring farm – and the neighbours called the police. Meanwhile the robbers got their hands on a key to the registered gun-safe and looted two pistols and an amount of cash before fleeing in their yellow Isuzu-bakkie.When the police arrived the two women were found tied up in the dining room and the critically injured Mr Cronjé was found in another room of the homestead. The elderly couple were taken to hospital – Mrs Cronjé was admitted for observation while her husband required emergency stabilisation and is reportedly still in critical condition at the Welkom hospital.  The investigating officer is SAPS insp. David Dlamini at tel. 082-455-6063 http://www.volksblad.com/Content/Suid-Afrika/Nuus/2114/248511def1f14180979d35eb99911bbf/25-02-2010-04-53/Bejaarde_boer_ernstig_beseer_in_aanval


    2010-02-25 Afrikaans dad removes son Armand Lotz from high school: headmaster can’t guarantee his safety

    Scholtz Arnold 16 beaten at NoordKaap High School Kimberley by pupils who steal food 2010-02-25  KIMBERLEY. – An irate dad has taken his grade-ten out of the Noord-Kaap High School in Kimberley because the headmaster was unable to guarantee the young Afrikaner’s safety. The youth – Armand Lotz – was badly beaten up by a large group of male pupils who had injured him so badly that he was unable to attend school for two days thereafter: breaking his nose, injuring an arm and beating both his eyes black and blue.

    The gang of bullies reportedly also regularly steal  food from the other pupils, said dad Leon Lotz. Armand was beaten up by the large group of youths right in front of his terrified mom Adéle, who was just fetching her son from school when she saw him being assaulted in the school grounds. What made matters even worse is that when she rushed over to a teacher demanding that the beating of her son must stop; she was told “not to become hysterical things like that just happen’. The youth’s nose was broken and his eyes were beaten black and blue – and proving that he was assaulted by more than one youth is the fact that he also had injuries on an arm. He was too injured to attend school and Mr Lotz said because the school head was unable to guarantee his son’s safety he’s now enrolled him in another school. He said many pupils have also reported that their lunch-boxes are stolen regularly by pupils who have formed a terror-squad. Headmaster Henk Brand said ‘the case is being investigated’ but as far he was concerned ‘the matter was closed: we have acted against ‘the other youth’ and he has been sent to the school’s psychologist for anger-management’. http://www.volksblad.com/Content/Suid-Afrika/Nuus/2114/36cd0bcf7d9b417b83c2871d3a38a470/25-02-2010-04-53/Pa_haal_seun_uit_skool_in_stad_n%C3%A1_bakleiery_


    2010-02-24 cyclist Neville Murray badly injured by vicious five-man gang in Durbanville

    Feb 24 2010 CAPE TOWN — A white Durbanville cyclist suffered a fractured vertebra after a vicious attack by five men wielding iron bars – and left to crawl to safety along the busy N7 highway. Neville Murray, 57,  was looking forward to taking part in his 16th Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour this year and set out on a long ride early on Saturday. Speaking to the Cape Argus at his home yesterday, Murray said he was cycling along the N7 near Potsdam Road, opposite Van Schoorsdrift Road, when five men, believed to be aged between 18 and 25, accosted him.

    Cyclists in South Africa picture by Jacques Marais‘They were very violent and tried to rip all my clothes off’

    "One of them grabbed the front of my bike and they threw me down on the tar. They had iron bars and hit me with them," he said. "They were very violent and tried to rip all my clothes off." Murray said the men had just pulled him to the middle of the busy main road when a truck stopped, and its driver and passengers came to his rescue. The five men fled on foot with a mere R150 (about $15) and a cellphone, but left Murray’s bicycle. While the driver and his passengers gave chase, Murray, fearing the oncoming traffic and despite severe pain in his back, crawled to the side of the road.  More passing motorists, whom Murray called "road angels", stopped to assist, and an ambulance arrived 45 minutes later. He was taken to hospital and later learnt he had a fractured vertebra. He has to wear a back brace and will not be taking part in the Cycle Tour. Like Murray, thousands of cyclists across the city have been gearing up for the world’s largest timed cycle event – the annual Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour, on March 14.  But several have been injured in ‘incidents’ in recent weeks, and organisers have made several appeals to motorists and cyclists “to be careful”. (!) Cyclist Ren Brand, 68, was hit by a “hit-and-run driver” on Saturday morning  and was told by doctors this week that his leg would have to be amputated. Earlier this month, Kelly Kosky’s right leg was amputated after it was crushed by a truck. Brand and Kosky, 59, are members of the Recyclers Cycling Club. SAPS Inspector Erica Crous of the provincial police media office didn’t know anything about it  – commenting that ‘there is no record of the incident at any of the police stations close to the scene of the attack.“ However Murray said he gave all his details to the paramedics, who said they would hand them over to the police. Police are also appealing for information that could lead to identifying the motorist in the accident involving Brand. Call investigating officer Inspector David Steenkamp at 084 680 0114 or 021 784 2700 with any information. http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1&click_id=13&art_id=vn20100224123314793C346400


    Guard your children like gold – warn cops on cycle lecture tour between Krugersdorp and Durban

    West Rand cops on child-slavery awareness tour Krugersdorp to Durban arriving in Volksrust Theuns Botha picFive super-fit cops from the West Rand  cycled between Krugersdorp and Durban last week – to raise awaress in all the communities along the way of the growing dangers of child-sex slavery and kidnapping-gangs which now are very active in South Africa in preparation for the expected increase in ‘sex-tourism’ in the run-up to the World Cup 2010 football tournaments. The cops stop by at many local community centres on  their educational lecture tour to inform parents and teachers about the methods of child-kidnapping gangs who often hang around schools to spot opportunities . http://www.facebook.com/group.php?v=info&ref=mf&gid=315554092986


    2010-02-24 Edenvale man, 76 – stabbed to death at home

     24 February 2010 An unnamed 76-year-old man was found stabbed to death in his Edenvale home on Wednesday, paramedics said. Netcare 911 spokesman Chris Botha said the man’s neighbours contacted his family when they became concerned about his car being left out all night and at not seeing him during out the day."The family then contacted a security company who raced to the Gannet Avenue residence."He was found in a pool of blood on the lounge floor. Paramedics could not save him because of the extent of his injuries," Botha said. Police were not immediately available for comment. – Sapa http://www.thestar.co.za/?fSectionId=&fArticleId=nw20100224174858349C752480


    Cape Town doctors terrified of working in Cape Flats

    Doctors practising in parts of the Cape Flats near Cape Town say they work in fear and are being "targeted" by criminals. Speaking after a spate of robberies and burglaries at surgeries, doctors said they felt "vulnerable" and were concerned about being seen as "soft targets".  Although no one had been killed or injured, doctors said a lot of money had been lost in stolen equipment and supplies.

    • In the most recent robbery, a Nyanga doctor was robbed at gunpoint on Saturday afternoon. Four robbers posing as patients entered the doctor’s rooms. "One kept the receptionist busy while two entered the doctor’s room," Nyanga police Captain Ntomboxolo Sitshitshi said. "They pointed the firearm at the doctor, demanded cash and took a cellphone." The doctor, who did not want to be named, told of his fear of working in the area.

    “Doctors provide a service to underprivileged communities- but crime is driving them out’…

    "It was very scary, but I feel relieved they didn’t hurt me.I know it’s not only doctors who are affected by this problem. It happens everywhere… even people walking on the streets are held at gunpoint or knifepoint. I’m still very shaken by the incident and I fear for my life. Doctors operate in fear… you just don’t know when they will strike again or whether you will get home alive." He believes doctors are considered "soft targets". "I know of two doctors down the road who were held at gunpoint last year and the year before," he said.

    A doctor who practises in Lansdowne Road, Philippi, said a neighbouring doctor’s surgery had been burgled four times last year. "Doctors are here to provide a service to underprivileged communities, but I’m afraid crime is going to drive them out of the area," he said. "People are getting really scared. I think police need to take this seriously and give us some kind of protection."

    • Just after Christmas Day at site NY102 Gugulethu, a doctor’s surgery was cleaned out by burglars just after Christmas Day. Not only were medical supplies and equipment stolen, but also a computer, a television set, a fridge, and office furniture.  The burglars also smashed a fish tank, killing the fish.
    • February 14 2010 at Dr Dhevan Naidoo’s surgery at the Kuwait Taxi Rank in Site C, Khayelitsha, burglars broke in through a window and stole a box of medicine, a television set, diagnostic kits, a nebuliser, fax machine, and other items. Khayelitsha police spokeswoman Captain Anneke van der Vyver however dismissed suggestions that robberies and burglaries at doctors’ surgeries ‘were spiralling out of control’ In fact she claims just the opposite: ‘Police could not recall robberies or a high number of burglaries at doctor’s rooms in the Khayelitsha police precinct", she said. Full Story…


    Woman fights back against robber – with a lamp

    February 18 2010 Beeld. When an armed man entered her bedroom, Hester Kok, then aged 68, shouted and threw her bedside lamp at the intruder. The man quickly retreated. However, seconds later her son-in-law was shot nine times as he fought off the attackers in the family’s Pretorius Park home. The robbers fired about 20 shots down the passage on that night in April 2008 – seriously injuring her son-in-law Jannie Fourie. This was the evidence presented to the Pretoria Regional Court, writes Beeld journalist Hanti Otto.

    Charged with two charges of attempted murder, aggravating robbery and firearms charges are Romeo Maota Nkwagatse, 24, and Jonas Masemola, 27. they pleaded not guilty. A comrade – Ephraim Mawela Msimango  — was also arrested, but escaped. Kok told the Pretoria Regional Court on Wednesday that she woke at about 1.30am on April 15 to close her bedroom window. Then she went back to bed. "The next moment I heard my bedroom door slowly opening. I saw the silhouette of a man in the light through the window. He had a cap on, pointing a firearm at my face. "I shouted and threw the bedside lamp at him. He went out of the door," Kok, who turned 70 last week, recalled. She got out of bed and locked the door. "Then I heard several shots in the passage. I feared that my whole family was shot."  However, when her son-in-law Jannie Fourie called her, she opened the door. "He lay on the floor, there was blood everywhere. But I thanked the Lord when I realised everyone was still alive."  Although it was dark and she could not see the attacker too clearly, Kok said he had the "same piercing eyes" as Msimango. The attackers only took Fourie’s cellphone and his wallet which had R90 (about $9)  in it. The trial continues in April. http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1&click_id=15&art_id=vn20100218062941367C155013


    2010-02-22 Eighty-year-old Margareth Ross survives knifing inside her Sedgefield, George home

    2010-02-22 Tisha Steyn reports from the Garden Route town of George that an elderly resident of Kingfisher Avenue Mrs Margareth Ross, 80, was attacked by ‘a person’ who stabbed her repeatedly with a knife while she was in bed. Mrs Ross managed to turn on an alarm despite her serious injuries and alerted the security services. Ambulance personnel found her seriously injured in her bed and rushed her to a private hospital in Knysna. She ‘s in ‘serious but stable’ condition police said. It’s not known if anything was robbed. Police offer a reward for anyone who can provide information and citizens are asked to contact det-insp Neville “Boet” Olc­kers at tel.  044 802 1626, or 083 683 8858 http://www.dieburger.com/Content/Suid-Afrika/Nuus/1708/0662fe852c384209b374ae26f4471b42/22-02-2010-11-41/Bejaarde_vrou_(80)_oorleef_mesaanval_in_Sedgefield


    2010-02-23 Father and son O’Friel survive shooting at New Redruth; Alberton home

    2010-02-23 Wolfram Zweckler reports that home-owner Garth O’Friel of Alberton heard his 16-year-old son Brendan being shot by armed robbers who broke into his home at around 6am. “I just heard Brendan scream: ‘Get off me, get off me’, and then the shot went off,’ said O’Friel. “As I was running down the hallway one of the attackers shot towards me but missed. However just before I was able to close the bedroom door on them -  one of their shots hit my fiancee in the chest.’ Ms Bernardine le Roux (30) and the teenaged boy were rushed to hospital by ambulance for underwent emergency surgery. O’Friel said according to neighbours and neighbourhood-watch members two armed men were seen fleeing in a white Opel Monza. And the only thing they stole was a flatscreen-TV. Police captain Makana Rahulu said they were still searching for two men. Police also said that during an armed COIN-security van robbery a security guard of Builders’ Warehouse in Boksburg was shot in the leg at around 10am on the same day. Nobody else was injured. http://www.beeld.com/Content/Suid-Afrika/Nuus/1928/8ea41b5f2676415593f8a450a3923350/23-02-2010-01-13/Hy_hoor_eers_gille,_toe_%E2%80%99n_skoot


    2010-02-23 … more elderly whites murdered at their homes by armed attackers

    ANTI-BOER HATESPEECH BY SASCO STUDENT UNIVERSITY FREE STATE 2009 The wave of murders targetting white South African pension

    2010 02 28 – AfriForum stel burgerregteregsfonds bekend – Rapport

    Lees 2010 02 28 – AfriForum stel burgerregtefonds bekend – Rapport hier


    2010 02 28 – Mag dié stroom gou ’n vloed word – Rapport

    Dit was met groot vreugde dat ons by Rapport hierdie week se uitgawe aanmekaargesit het met sy klem op Suid-Afrikaners wat uit die buiteland terugkeer.

    2010 02 28 – Derduisende keer terug – Rapport

    Lees 2010 02 28 – Derduisende keer terug – Rapport hier

    Report a Crime – Updates

    Computer engineer from India killed mercilessly in Pretoria

    Indian computer engineer killed mercilessly

    February 10 2010PRETORIA Reported on the website “Report a Crime SA”"

    Mr. Vinoth Kumar Vallinayagam went on IT project from India to South Africa on Dec 17. He was working for Utkarsh and his client is T-Systems.

    He was supposed to leave to India on Feb 11 but he was missing from Feb10. We were informed that the local police traced the dead body of Vinoth in a mortuary near Pretoria.

    It is very disappointing that a person who went to South Africa for his career growth as well as for the growth of the company in South Africa was murdered for just a few hundred dollars by some heartless people. He would have even gifted that money to the killer if he was in need of money.

    Our family is in deep grief we have lost someone who was very dear to us. We are bringing this to public so that everyone is aware of what is happening in this world around us…

    the original story is on “Report A Crime “: http://www.reportacrime.co.za/CrimeReport.aspx?ID=189



    Three pet donkeys stolen – please help

    Port Elizabeth. During the night on Thursday 18 February or in the early hours of Friday morning, our 3 pet donkeys were stolen from our smallholding in Greenbushes.  The fence on the Old Cape Road was cut.  Our donkeys are part of our family. 

    3 Pet donkeys were stolen - please help!King, the male was bought from the Walmer Township when he has just a few months old and he has grown up on our property.  Lady is a Save-a-pet donkey and their off-spring, Lucy, was born on our property. 

    They have never been seperated and get very distressed if for any reason they are away from each other even for the shortest period of time.  They have not been "broken-in" and they are extremely territorial.  We cannot even begin to imagine what the thieves must have done to get them to leave their home.

    If anyone can shed any light on their whereabouts we will be very grateful.  We are understandably very upset and worried about their safety and under what conditions they are being kept.
    For further info please contact me on 082 554 6887. 3 Pet donkeys were stolen – please help!


    Injured Dog Hacked To Death with Spade

    25 February 2010  CAPE TOWN – About 1:30am I heard a commotion on the road outside and after looking out the window I ascertained that a dog had been knocked over in the road and the occupants of the car – young adult males – were milling around in the street deciding what to do. 

    The dog was still alive but its back-legs appeared to be broken and it yelped in pain when anyone tried to touch it.  It was unable to pull itself out of the road.

    Eventually the car drove away but it returned a short while later and then a Metro Rescue vehicle arrived.  The paramedic climbed out and had a look at the dog.  At this point I thought something would be done to get the dog to the SPCA where it could be assessed and treated or humanely put down.

    •  Instead, the paramedic took a spade out of his bakkie and handed it to the civilians who, amid much laughter and squeamish squeals, proceeded to ‘put the dog out of its misery’ – by attempting to hack its head off with the spade

    I was totally disgusted and outraged that a public servant who is dedicated to preserving human life would suggest and oversee such an act of cruelty! I just hope the dog was a stray and not someone’s pet! I was unfortunately not able to get any registration details of the vehicles involved. Injured Dog Hacked To Death with Spade



    7 January 2010 — The scam is over 5  years old – I read about it – I knew about it – nothing prepares you for that phone call though.  I got a call from my domestic worker’s son saying that his mother has been killed in a taxi accident and he is at the scene and needs R6000 to get the body back to Johannesburg.

    The last thing I wanted to do was phone her on her cell phone to check that she was in fact dead. I transferred the money into said bank account and fortunately for me there was a hold on the bank account – someone else had laid a charge of fraud.  First National Bank immediately reversed the money and the phone calls did not stop.

    A warning to anyone getting a phone call from  072 427 2693 – do not respond to them.  It is a scam.


    Comment by: wilma
    It happened to me as well – I was lucky and did not transfer the money. You are right – no matter what anybody says, nothing can prepare you for when you get this phone call. I phoned the Douglasdale police station and were told that this is the 4th call that morning. They opened a docket as I had all the necessary information of the fraudster. Nothing happened thereafter …. I thus put security measures in place. My domestic takes messages and I will phone back – don’t give information to anybody – not even Department of Labour staff (that’s how they got all her personal information). I have telephone numbers of all her family members. I changed my telephone number and most of all – we are more alert.
    Date: 13 January 2010

    Comment by: James
    I was tested today (23rd Jan 2010) with this old scam coming from the number given above. I started scamming the scammer by entering into a dialog with him, but without divulging too much information. He was quick to use my name that I answered with as well as the name of my domestic, whose whereabouts I knew. He rang off when I pretended to co-operate and tried to glean information from him. Be warned!
    Date: 23 January 2010

    Comment by: Jennifer
    James – I wish you had got his NEDBANK account number from him – there is a hold on the FNB account because a case has been opened at the Parkview Police Station as well as in Cape Town. If we can just get this NEDBANK account number – we can get a block put on that account as well. Anyone else getting phone calls ….get his banking details … this way we can stop him … !!
    Date: 23 January 2010

    Comment by: Flip Hennop
    I also got scamed by the same number have his Nedbank account and Absa one same teephone number can’t someone trace the number ????
    Date: 15 February 2010

    Comment by: Jennifer
    Hi Flip, If you have the NEDBANK and ABSA account numbers – please put them up here – I have laid a charge at the Police and they will put a hold on the account numbers if there is a fraud charge against them. Most urgent to get those account numbers so that no-one can deposit into those accounts. Luckily for me – someone in Cape Town had laid a charge with the FNB account number or they would have got my money. Thanks Jennifer
    Date: 15 February 2010

    Comment by: kathy popplewell
    the same thing has just happened to my mother, we received a call from a guy this morning, claiming to be our domestic worker’s brother. they said she had been in a car accident and was killed, and they needed R7000 to transport her body back to zimbabwe, where she is from. my mother only transferred R3500 to the account number, but when we phoned her husband a couple hours later to find out how he was, and he said she was fine, and sitting right next to him. Apparently on friday men arrived at our complex gate and told her they were UIF, and that my mother had not been paying so they needed her phone number to sort it out. The phone call is from the same number posted above. unfortunately we think the money is gone, as it was a direct transfer. however if this helps, here are his account details : Account number : 924 014 2928 Account holder name : V. Nduli Account type : Savings Bank : Absa Bank Branch number : 6320005 These men need to be stopped, please can someone do something – we have tried the police from our side, but they are useless.
    Date: 21 February 2010

    Comment by: Jennifer
    http://www.hellopeter.com/absa-complaint-%5B378418%5D Kathy – I have lodged a complaint on hellopeter.com about this scamming – I have also given them the account number – hopefully it will be in time to refund your mom’s money. Remember hellopeter.com and put the account numbers directly onto the web page under the bank concerned. Also remember to go and lay a charge of fraud at your police station – the banks cannot close the account without a case number from your police station. Get that to me quickly so that we can let ABSA know.
    Date: 22 February 2010

    Comment by: Jenni
    I received a call from 072 427 2693 today (25-Feb) asking to speak with my domestic. I said "I am her" & he put the fone down!! I think I took the wind right out of his sails!!
    Date: 25 February 2010

    Comment by: Geri

    Scam attempted this morning at 6am. SCAMMERS DETAILS Cell: 0724272693 Bank: FNB 622 566 73677 Name: T MATHEGA


    Report A Crime click here to report a crime!


    Hunting dog pack eats ‘muti-victim’ in KwaZulu

    Sangoma arrested: victim’s facial skin and eyes were missing…

    It was the stuff of nightmares when police and KZN Ezemvelo Wildlife (KZNEW) officers responded to a report of hunting dogs eating a human body in Hopewell, near Pietermaritzburg reports Tanya Waterworth.

    It appeared as though the victim, Thabo Ramaholo, had been stabbed three times in the chest with an assegai and his body left for the dogs to feed on.
    The skin on his face was missing as were his eyes – and when the Ezemvelo Wildlife officer Mark Enslin saw this he suspected it could be a muti murder.

    Africanis aka as the Hottentot Hunting Dog WikipediaHouse belongs to traditional healer (sangoma)

    "I found a young dog licking some blood where the body was found. It soon became apparent that the house belonged to a sangoma, as we found items such as a dried-out snake hanging from the roof, a bushbuck hoof, as well as animal skins and monkey body parts. "There were also herbal remedies," said Enslin.

    According to reports, sangoma Mdideni Mkhize, 58, openly admitted to stabbing Ramaholo during an altercation the previous evening. Mkhize claimed Ramaholo had stolen from him.  He added that ‘the dogs must have mutilated the victim’s body during the night’. However -  the autopsy has found that some of the injuries were not consistent with dog bites.  The skin on the face had been sliced and there were no jagged edges, as could be expected from a dog bite, and the victim’s eyeballs were missing. The sangoma was arrested and has already appeared in court, charged with murder.

    Thornville SAPS are investigating the case and the Organised Crime Unit members also attended the scene.

    While some of the hunting dogs were captured by the SPCA, three had to killed at the homestead. Mkhize is expected to appear again for a bail hearing on March 10. Muti murders and trafficking of body parts by traditional healers has recently been in the limelight after the Mozambique Human Rights League and Childline SA released a report on the prevalence of body parts being traded between South Africa and Mozambique. It was stated in the report that researchers suspected that many cases went unreported because communities feared sangomas. Traditional healers who were surveyed on the matter officially reject the practice, describing the perpetrators as "second-rate healers" and claiming that "truthful traditional healers do not need to do treatments with human organs".http://ping.fm/upOVF


    Feral dog pack eats newborn baby in Gugulethu

    Police are not investigating whether the dog packs are dangerous…

    A newborn’s body has been ripped to shreds by hungry dogs. Yesterday, Gugulethu residents woke up to the gruesome sight of dogs fighting over the tiny body parts, which were strewn all over their neighbourhood. The mangled baby girl was discovered just a few metres from the KTC Day Hospital in the squatter camp named the “ Tambo Square Informal Settlement “ on Wednesday-morning February 24 2010.

    Residents were too late to find the intestines and it is believed the dogs ate them before they were chased off. The baby’s arm and head, initially thought to be missing, were later found between shacks some distance away. Noloyiso Qwela, 38, was first on the scene and says she was taking her son to school when she saw dogs eating something resembling meat. When I came closer, I found the dogs were actually eating a human body," she says. "I could see the legs of the baby and the chest area. The dogs ran away and I called my sister, a community worker, to call the cops." Noloyiso says she noticed a hole in the stomach area."I think the dogs had already eaten all the intestines. It really was a gruesome scene," she says. Noloyiso’s sister Ntombiyodwa Qwela says she thinks the dogs found the baby elsewhere and brought her to their area.

    • Strangely enough — the police are investigating ‘a case of concealment of birth” instead of taking steps to ensure whether these large dog packs represent any dangers to this human society.- Daily Voice http://ping.fm/RxpR6



    Feral killer-dog packs are a growing problem in South africa also because they spread rabies Feral dog packs and also the huge number of rats are a growing problem in South Africa. Dogs and rats both have reportedly killed people and inflicted serious injury besides spreading dangerous diseases such as rabies and bubonic plague…

    For instance on July 19 2009 in Inchanga in KwaZulu-Natal  a report by Nelson Dlamini and Charmel Bowman of the Tribune newpaper in KwaZulu-Natal described the horrible story whch was emerging around the great many large, territorial feral dog packs which are also hunting and eating people, although they concentrate mainly on livestock. The two journalists report that ‘as dark falls they come out of their hiding places in packs.

    That year the feral dog packs killed  two people and ripped into several others in this community – turning the community of Inchanga into prisoners in their own homes. Simphiwe Zondi, 22, was killed by pack only 1km from home . The eldest of three children and the family’s mainstay, Zondi was coming from a friend’s home in the evening when he was attacked. His torn body was lying in a ditch, less than 1km from their home. Some parts of his body were almost stripped of flesh.  Simphiwe’s younger sister, Bongiwe, 14, still breaks down when the story is related. She said Simphiwe was their "everything" as he was in charge of paying their school fees; buying their uniforms and making sure that they were fed. Since his death, life had drastically changed.

    Siyabonga Mkhungo, 21, was attacked two years earlier: a bright Grade 12 pupil, he intended going to Wits University to study BCom accounting. But his dream has been put on hold because of the extensive trauma he has suffered. "I was walking home from the shop at about 7pm when I was attacked. There were so many I couldn’t count. When I tried to move, they attacked me, so I decided to play dead." He was found at 4am the next morning, too afraid to move. "A lady who lives nearby heard the dogs and chased them away with her husband. That is how I was saved," he said. He said he had been bitten "from head to toe" with only his genitals untouched. The experience still traumatised him when he spoke about it to the journalists in 2009.

    Attacked by thirty dogs…

    Another victim, Mrs Zandile Gumede, 32, is a mother of four-year-old twins. She was attacked by nearly 30 dogs while walking home from a friend’s place last year. "I first spotted a few dogs heading towards me and I ignored them. The next thing I was surrounded by a huge pack," said Gumede. She was badly bitten on her leg and had to spend some time in a wheelchair.

    More than 50 goats missing

    Dennis Shozi, a councillor in the area, said the dogs attack livestock. More than 50 goats have been reported missing. Shozi said they realised late last year that the feral dog issue was serious.

    Dogs reverted back to their natural instincts, and hunt in packs:

    Carys West, an inspector from the Durban North-based organisation Animal Anti-Cruelty League, visited the area last week.  She said: "We make dogs friendly household pets by the way we treat them. The dogs in the Inchanga community have reverted to their natural instincts by forming packs and hunting for food." West said it could be the same pack of wild dogs that had been attacking the community.

    • "Wild dogs are known to travel kilometres at a time in search of food. Also, they are very territorial and will kill another pack of dogs if they invade their territory." She said these feral dogs would have to be euthanised. "There is no rehabilitation for these wild dogs. It would be like trying to rehabilitate a wolf." This article was originally published on page 4 of Tribune on July 19, 2009

    80 feral dogs destroyed:

    Dr Ayo Olowolgbo, head of council’s communicable disease control unit, said a committee had been formed to deal with the issue. He said more than 80 dogs had been put down. "Not all of the dogs (roaming in the area) are ownerless; we are appealing to owners to come forward and claim them and for other people to give them a home. Killing them is not our first choice."

    80 feral dogs put down

    Various organisations have combined efforts to deal with the problem of feral dogs that have been terrorising Inchanga. Dr Ayo Olowolgbo, head of council’s communicable disease control unit, said a committee had been formed to deal with the issue. He said more than 80 dogs had been put down."Not all of the dogs (roaming in the area) are ownerless; we are appealing to owners to come forward and claim them and for other people to give them a home. Killing them is not our first choice." Olowolgbo said the unit would teach locals not to throw rubbish everywhere, as this attracted the dogs. "The main health concern is rabies. If (rabid) dogs bite people (the person) might die if they do not receive immediate medical attention." Barbra Patrick, manager of the Kloof and Highway SPCA, said they were working with the eThekwini Department of Environmental Health, Metro Police and the state vet."Two sharpshooters were assigned by the Department of Agriculture to shoot dogs identified by the community as feral and/or rabid." Patrick said a rabies vaccination drive would be held in the next two weeks, as the risk to human life could not be ignored http://ping.fm/HcAQl


    2010 02 27 – PAC distansieer hom van haatspraak – Beeld

    Lees 2010 02 27 – PAC distansieer hom van haatspraak – Beeld hier