Genocide with farm killings in South-Africa: a shocking testimony

This is a 10 minutes extract from the stunning documentary ‘War of the Flea’ from director Rian van der Walt published in 2011. It contains shocking information on the genocide that is being carried out under ANC-rule in the ‘new’ South-Africa against the white minority of the ‘Afrikaners’ by farm killings or ‘plaasmoorde’. It was shown at an international conference in the European Parliament in februari 2012, in the presence of farmers’ spokesman Henk Van de Graaf and hosted by Philip Claeys, member of the European Parliament for the Vlaams Belang-party.

(Note:war of the flea‘ means ‘guerilla warfare‘).

Source – YouTube – Genocide with farm killings in South-Africa: a shocking testimony


Die huidige Volksmoord op Afrikaners – Inligting sessie

‘n Reeks videos wat dien as ‘n inligting sessie oor die huidige Volksmoord op Afrikaners.

Source – Neo-Genocide

Adam Tas – In Die Huis Waar Stilte Woon

Adam Tas sing oor plaasmoorde in Suid-Afrika.

Sanctions against South Africa

Philip Claeys recommends sanctions against South Africa.

A Woolworths recipe rip off for you!

A little background

“Woolworths, if you don’t know already, is a very expensive clothing and supermarket outlet (they sell a typical R50 T-shirt for R150). My daughter and I had just finished lunch at a Woolies Cafe in Hyde Park, Johannesburg . Because both of us are such biscuit lovers, we decided to try the ‘Woolies Cookie’. It was so excellent that I asked if they would give me the recipe. The waitress said with a small frown, ‘I’m afraid not, but you can buy the recipe.’

I asked how much, and she responded; ‘Only two fifty – it’s a great deal’

I agreed to that, and told her to add it to my bill.

Thirty days later, I got my Visa statement, and the Woolworths charge was R485. I looked at it again, and I remembered I had only spent R49.95 for two sandwiches and about R120 for a scarf. At the bottom of the statement, it said, ‘Cookie Recipe – R250.00’. That was outrageous!

I called Woolworths Accounting Department and told them the waitress had said it was ‘two fifty’, which clearly does not mean ‘two hundred and fifty Rands’ by any reasonable interpretation of the phrase. Woolworths refused to budge. They would not refund my money because according to them; ‘What the waitress told you is not our problem. You have already seen the recipe. We absolutely will not refund your money.

I explained to the Accounting Department lady the criminal statutes which govern fraud in the state of Gauteng . I threatened to report them to the Better Business Bureau and The Attorney General’s office. I was basically told: Do what you want. Don’t bother thinking of how you can get even, and don’t bother trying to get any of your money back’

I said, OK, you’ve got my R250, and now I’m going to have R250 worth of fun. I told her that I was going to see to it that every cookie lover in the world with an e-mail account gets a R250 cookie recipe from Neiman-Marcus for free. She replied, ‘I wish you wouldn’t do that.’ I said, ‘Well, perhaps you should have thought of that before you RIPPED ME OFF!’ and slammed down the phone.
So here it is! Please pass it on to everyone you can possibly think of. I paid R250 for this, and I don’t want Woolworths to EVER make another cent from this recipe!”

WOOLIES COOKIES (Recipe may be halved as this makes heaps)
2 (500 ml) cups butter
680 g chocolate chips
4 (1000 ml) cups flour
2 (500 ml) cups brown sugar
2 tsp. (10 ml) Bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp. (5 ml) salt
2 (500 ml) cups sugar
500 g Grated Cadbury chocolate
5 (1250 ml) cups blended oatmeal
4 eggs
2 tsp. (10 ml) baking powder
2 tsp. (10 ml) vanilla
3 cups (375 ml) chopped nuts (optional)

Measure oatmeal, and blend in a blender to a fine powder. Cream the butter and both sugars. Add eggs and vanilla, mix together with flour, oatmeal, salt, baking powder, and bicarbonate of soda. Add chocolate chips, grated Chocolate and nuts. Roll into balls, and place two inches apart on a cookie sheet. Bake for 10 minutes at 180 C.

The above quantities make 112 cookies. Enjoy!

Source – Unknown




The bloodiest 13 days in South Africa

The past 13 days has witnessed the bloodiest killings of Boers in South Africa, by black assailants.

Yes, Boers, because according to the perspectives of black terrorists, all whites are Boers, demons, and a legitimate target for a killing, to purge the South African nation, of the white tribe.

Yes, despite your political affiliations or liking, even members of the DA was stoned when they protested against the Cosatu march, earlier this year.

All whites are deemed ‘colonialists’ by the ever-ready socioparasites of Africa.

This perception, formed after being bombarded by 80 + years of communist propaganda, makes it psychologically easier to act as willing executioners and judges of whites during this massacre.

This communist propaganda started in 1928, when the world’s controlling body of communism, the KOMINTERN decided that South Africa should have a black communist government.

Bill Andrews, the chairman of the SACP at the time, returned to South Africa, and immediately set about measures to ultimate achieve that goal.

Yes there is a Boer genocide.

In this is included all the English, and victims of other white nationalities as well.

In South Africa, all white targets are viewed as Boers.

The revolutionary songs of the terrorists in Southern Africa, only sings about the successful killing of the ‘Amabunhu’, the Boers. With other words, -whites.

But apart from that, after the concentration camps at Auchswitz, where the Jews was slaughtered, the world’s definition of a genocide, was changed by a Polish lawyer with the surname of Lemke.

In 1947, the United Nations adopted a new set of definitions of a genocide.

A body count was since then, by no means the only measure with which it was decided whether a genocide was being committed or not.

Forcing conditions of living upon a target group, or particular culture group, which makes it difficult or even impossible to survive, is a genocide on it’s own.

In that regard, all affirmative actions, and laws qualifies as a full –blown genocide on it’s own, whether it is contained in our constitution or not.

The constitution only legitimizes a genocide in this regard.

It is still against the Statues of Rome, and a crime according to the UN’s Convention on the Crime and Punishment of Genocide.

The fact that Affirmative Action and BEE is contained in the ‘Constitution’ is therefore nothing but the legalizing of terrorism against the white population.

And THAT is exactly the instruction that Lenin gave to Commissar Ivanovich; – to formulate terror as widely as possible, and then to legalize it as a principle.

The ANC legalized terror. That’s all.

And this is what apologetics singing in the sheep choir of South Africa’s communist regime; like Ferial Haffajee should know.

There is a wider world out there in the international community and laws, that describes affirmative action as a genocide.

And so should the owners of Woolworths take note as well, that is defended by Ferial Haffajee.

My response to Ferial Haffajee’s column today was the following:

“Ferial, you’ve got a diplomatic gift to present Evil itself as an Angel of Light.

Regardless of the fact that ‘constitutionally’ speaking, the ANC has a right to implement Affirmative

Action, is remains a genocide according to the Rome Statutes.

Forcing upon a culture group, conditions of life, that makes it difficult or impossible to survive, is a full-blown genocide in itself, according to the UN’s Convention on the Crime and Punishment of Genocide.

That is just one case of a full blown genocide being committed against the Boers and whites of this country.

Destroying our history, and replacing it with Thabo Mbeki’s and his ANC cronie’s, “Turning Points in History’ is another full blown case of modern genocide.

And by the way when we as whites AGREED to lift ALL KINDS OF DISCRIMINATION in every aspect of life, against anyone, forever; -we meant it. That was the society we agreed upon.

WE DID NOT, I REPEAT DID NOT, agree to have racism implemented in reverse from 1994.

So save your sanctimonious, and illiterate singing in the communist sheep choir for your shower sessions.

Being in the constitution does not make it right. It merely indicates the presence of terrorism, against a certain population group, entrenched in the law; as prescribed by Lenin. The government terrorizing us with the law. That is all.

Your illiterate writings indicate that the absence of more suitable candidates for your position, because they were barred from the workplace. YOU are pathetic”

So, my dear brothers and sisters, that are all fellow Boers, so defined by the enemy’s actions against us; today we bleed.

Today I received a list of our fellow whites’ that was tortured, maimed and massacred the past 13 days in South Africa.

May God be with their souls, and may rest in peace in heaven.

My condolences goes out to each and every family member.

Our fallen brothers are:

*WARBURTON/ LOTHAIR: Tony Mason aangeval. Ernstig aangerand.

*KLERKSDORP/ HARTBEESFONTEIN: Hendrien Johnstone De Lange doodgeskiet tydens ‘n plaasaanval.

*JANSENVILLE: Owen Charles, ‘n Sewentigjarige boer van die Jansenville-omgewing is dood en sy vrou ernstig beseer in ‘n plaasaanval.

*AMANZIMTOTI: Lucas Holtzhausen in ‘n koma met breinskade na barbaarse aanval deur drie swartes in Umbilo straat.

*POTCHEFSTROOM: PLAASAANVAL: Oom Jurie Barnard (82) en tannie Anna (80) aangeval, aangerand en met warm strykyster gebrand.

*RHODESFIELD,KEMPTONPARK: Karen Goosen (44) veg om haar lewe na sinnelose, barbaarse aanval deur twee swartes:

*SABIE: Mavis Koekemoer van Lewis gister oorval en in pikdonker stoorkamer toegesluit.

*RICHMOND: MAN DOODGESKIET: Man vermoor in Richmond KZN. geskiet en bakkie gevat het op n plaas net buite Richmond gebly.

*SMITHFIELD: BOER AANGEVAL: Johan Neethling (56), ‘n boer van Smithfield, is gisteraand beseer toe hy glo vier mans in n verdagte Toyota Corolla met ‘n Noord-Kaapse registrasienommer op ‘n grondpad in die omgewing van sy plaas voorgekeer het.

*ODENDAALSRUS: Anet Knoetze (64) met mes doodgesteek in haar huis.

*BRONKHORSTSPRUIT: My kleinboet is aangerand deur ‘n klomp van sy Mosambiekse werkers. Hulle het hom met stompe geslaan en beide sy bene gebreek, sowel as sy arm. Hy het inwendige en kopbeserings opgedoen en is tans bewusteloos in ‘n hospital.

*CLOCOLAN: Oom Kempen Hugo oorlede na aanval.

*LINKSFIELD: Erhard Enslin, 27, is laas Vrydag is in Linksfield vermoor gevind.

*WITBANK: 73-jarige tannie vertel van haar vyf ure van hel terwyl sy verkrag en aangerand word.

*WITBANK: Plaasaanval: Elmarie Faber (54) aangerand tydens aanval: Die merke om me. Elmarie Faber se gewrigte, is ‘n onaangename herinnering aan die oggend toe sy deur gewapende mans by haar plaashuis oorval en vasgebind is.

*SUNWOODPARK: ‘n Afgetrede, welaf man deur 3 swartes aangeval. Hul het hom doodgesteek met messe nege uur die oggend in sy huis, selfoon en skootrekenaar gesteel.

*AMANZIMTOTI: Malcolm Murray aangeval deur gewapendes by burgersentrum: “Amanzimtoti man was attacked and brutally beaten with a gun at the civic centre”

*LADYBRAND: Allen Rodgers, `n Amerikaanse plaasbestuurder in die Ladybrand distrik, is per ambulans met kap wonde en snye na die MediClinic in Bloemfontein gejaag nadat hy vroegaand op die plaas Geluk met kapmesse aangeval is. Rodgers (61) is deur drie mans aangeval en het kap wonde aan sy kop, snye aan sy hande en kneusings opgedoen. Hy is ingewag nadat hulle eers sy vriendin, Mandy, oorval en vasgebind het.

*HARTBEESFONTEIN: Ronel van Eyk (46) is by haar plaashek doodgeskiet minute nadat sy haar seun Freddie (9) by die skool afgelaai het. Die rowers het haar oorval toe sy uit haar Toyota Condor klim om die plaashek oop te maak. Die rowers het Van Eyk verskeie kere geskiet, onder meer in die gesig. Jurie Fourie, eienaar van die buurplaas, het vertel hy was besig met ontbyt in sy dorpshuis toe sy selfoon 08:00 lui. Dit was Ronel, sy het net geroggel. Ek het teruggebel toe die selfoon afgaan. Ronel het opgetel en weer net geroggel. Fourie en `n vriend, Sarel van Biljon, het hulle na die plaas gehaas. Daar het hulle Van Eyk nog lewend by die plaashek aangetref. Hulle het `n dokter, die polisie en ambulans ontbied. Van Eyk het kort voordat sy beswyk het, beduie daar was drie moordenaars.

*OOS – TVL.: `n Boer wat `n hofinterdik bekom het, dat `n sekere pad nie gebruik mag word nie, op swartes afgekom wat die hofbevel geïgnoreer het. Hy het gestop om met hulle hieroor te praat, waarna jeugdiges [ongeveer 10 tussen die ouderdom van 15 – 21] op hom afgestorm, op die grond neer gegooi, en hom in die gesig met klippe begin slaan het! Net voor die boer uit sy bakkie geklim het om met hulle te praat het hy vir van sy werkers per radio laat weet van die situasie. Dit het egter sy lewe gered, want op die oomblik toe hulle sy keel met `n mes wou sny het hulp gearriveer. Volgens gerugte was die swart polisie wat opgedaag het absoluut antagonisties teenoor die bebloede boer en het eerder met die jeugdiges gestaan en gesels?

*ESTON KZN: Aug 9 2012 – Morné Vorster writes: “my good friend Robbie Anderson’s body was found next to the road in Eston KZN. Murdered. He was shot for what? Because he lives on a farm and works hard, who knows. He ran the sawmill in Richmond for his father Malcolm Anderson, the owner of the Minerva Private Game Reserve and Museum in Byrne. Robbie lived on a farm just outside Eston. Absolutely shocked that such a good person has to be murdered in such a gruesome manner. ”

*KEMPTON PARK: August 9 2012 Karen Joost’s face beaten to a pulp: nose torn off by two black males: Stephen Barnard writes: Karen Jooste 44 is fighting for her life in ICU at the moment. She was viciously attacked on her porch while waiting for her lift to work yesterday morning around 7am in Rhodesfield, Kempton Park.

*BLOEMFONTEIN: Aug 3 2012 – Volksblad journalist Andre Damons writes that Afrikaner toolmaker Johannes Ludewikus Wiesner, 45, was found bludgeoned to death with a hammer in his department.

*HURLYVALE: The Edenvale SAPS confirmed that a woman was beaten to death in her home in Hurlyvale yesterday. “The woman, in her 20s, was attacked with a hammer and died at the scene due to her injuries.

Her husband was also stabbed. He was taken to hospital,” Lt Col Roberts said.

*BUTTERWORTH: ’n Priester van Butterworth se twee kinders het hul pa se lyk in ‘n plas bloed gevind, het die Oos-Kaapse polisie gesê. Hy sê die 46-jarige priester van die gebied se Anglikaanse kerk, het veelvuldige wonde gehad. Die polisie vermoed ‘n skerp voorwerp is gebruik om die man dood te steek. Die motief is nog onbekend, aangesien sy besittings nog in die huis was.

*KROONSTAD: – ’n Voormalige landdros van die dorp moes ure van hel hier saam met verskeie inbrekers in haar huis deurbring terwyl sy deur een van hulle aangehou, herhaaldelik aangerand en gewurg is terwyl die ander haar huis gestroop het. Jolene Tredoux (46) is deur haar aanvallers in die huis toegesluit toe hulle daar weg is. Erg beseer en geskok moes sy ’n vensterruit breek en na buite om hulp roep. Bure het haar te hulp gesnel.

*EDENVALE: ʼn Bejaarde vrou van Edenvale is Donderdag dood nadat rowers haar met ʼn stomp voorwerp oor die kop geslaan het.

*Wesrand Muldersdrift: ’n Gr. 8-leerling aan die Hoërskool Monument in Krugersdorp is dood en haar pa en suster gewond toe die gesin op hul hoewe in Muldersdrift aangeval is. Alyssa Botha (13) is in die maag geskiet en haar suster, Megan (17), ’n gr. 11-leerling aan dieselfde skool, is in die bene gewond. Hul pa, Anton, is in die maag geskiet. Sy een nier en ’n deel van sy lewer en dikderm moes verwyder word.

*Oos-Tvl Ermelo: Annemarie Burke Van Ermelo is net voor 8 vanoggend in haar huis verkrag en toe vermoor!

Haar keel is met ‘n mes afgesny!!!

We are in dire straits as whites in this country.

This is 30 white victims, all considered Boers, in the past 13 days.

The genocide of Boers are continuing unabated, and escalating to almost three whites per day.

Remember, this is only the number of victims we are able to source in the media and from the account of relatives.

Due to the official policy of keeping this genocide a secret, the actual number is much higher.

And that excludes the number of whites that commits suicide due to the intolerable conditions of living that affirmative action forces upon our culture.

The number of suicides is guessed to be twice as much as the actual murders of whites, by professionals working in die medical and trauma fields.

We bleed, we die, and we are being forced into a corner, from which is, is virtually impossible to escape, but to perhaps fight and fight a war, so that our culture might survive the onslaught of Africa’s socioparasitical pagans.

Our options and our time is running out.

SourceNeo-GenocideThe bloodiest 13 days

South Africa needs “glasnost”

Black miners’ rights are being abused and Boeremag 10 year trial still underway.

The unrest in South Africa entered a new phase after the government decided to release the miners who were involved in the bloody clashes on August 16, when 34 protesters were shot and killed by the security forces. Ironically, the State Prosecution intended to prosecute the demonstrators with murder charges despite the fact that all the victims were gunned down by the police and this had never been questioned by anybody.

Earlier this week all the protesters were freed, but new violent clashes took place. This time the police used rubber bullets against the black workers and only four miners were wounded and hospitalized.

The change in the position of the government is perceived by the miners as their major victory and it seems that they will continue the strike until some of their demands will be satisfied. One of the miners activists, Zondwa Mbutu told the “Voice of Russia”: “After 34 comrades were killed by the police on August 16 we had to deal with 270 arrested miners. Only our protests and worldwide publicity forced the government to back off.

Originally they wanted to accuse the victims of police violence of causing the blood-bath”.

It seems that the government of South Africa is really vulnerable when it comes to the international outburst of dissatisfaction with the current human rights situation in the country. This was confirmed to the Voice of Russia by the human rights veteran campaigner, the leader of PRAAG organization, professor Dan Roodt: “The prosecution retract from the murder charges against the workers has demonstrated the government vulnerability to the world public opinion. But while being preoccupied with the violence against the miners, the world media is absolutely silent about the continuing slaughter of the whites on pure racial grounds. Just yesterday we heard about terrible attack on a couple with two children in the Roses Garden near Pretoria. The husband was beaten up brutally and his wife was raped by them in front of the children. How long will the world stand idly by this?”

However, there is no much “glasnost” in the world press when the matter is the plight of white minority in SA. The terrible atrocities towards white farmers, for example, never make front pages of leading newspapers in Europe and in the USA. Even the controversial singing in public of the song “Kill the Boer” by the state president Jacob Zuma does not make any headline in the “New York Times”.

However, the publicity does work very well in South Africa. Last week there was another break announced during the trial of white underground group called the “Boeremag”. All the defendants were found guilty of “treason”. Some of the accused activists were involved in nothing more than discussing the ways to stop the genocide of the whites in SA and to create a separate state for themselves, as the people of Lesotho or Bophuthatswana did.

One of them, the war hero of the Eighties, Adriaan van Wyk was released last week from prison after more than ten years behind bars. The Boeremag trial lasted for over ten years before reaching the verdict, but the final sentencing is still ahead. There is no analogy to such a lengthy trial procedures while almost all of the accused kept in prison. The judge decided that Adriaan van Wyk can be free, because there was no reason to sentence him to more than ten years anyway. However, he was released under severe restrictions and one of them is not to speak to the press.

But his lawyer, Daan Mostert told to “The Voice of Russia” that “the restrictions violate the basic rights of Adriaan Jacobus van Wyk, who should have been released on bail after the interrogation in the first time, if there were justice”. Daan Mostert is also convinced that “telling the truth around the world about the situation in SA is the most important for the people who suffer from violence and injustice”. He also wanted to thank “The Voice of Russia” which made the case of van Wyk public a month ago. “Your publication played in important role in getting Adriaan out of prison. We can not overestimate the importance of true information – it can change people’s destinies and save lives”.

By Avigdor Eskin

Source – THE VOICE OF RUSSIASouth Africa needs “glasnost”




South Africa heading for a revolution – What are the signs?

Last week, UCT vice-chancellor Max Price has warned that South Africa is facing Arab Spring type uprisings due to poverty ‘Arab Spring’ alert on SA poverty levels.

South Africa heading for a revolution - The Signs!

South Africa – Revolution Tools

Utter laughable junk from an overrated liberal academic.…as usual. Poverty being the catalyst for revolution I mean…Get real.

Also last week, Deputy President and arch Communist Kgalema Motlanthe warned about the coming revolution in South Africa.

SA: A revolution brewing

Then there is the NDR or National Democratic Revolution currently in Trotskyist fashion that will never end…

Julias Malema is talking about a country wide Mining revolution.

Malema: Brace for a mining revolution

And he was not just talking big, because 12,000 miners at a Consolidated Goldfields mine (KDC on the West Rand) have just started an illegal strike.

12,000 miners striking at Goldfields mine

Remember that Consolidated Goldfields were the ones who orchestrated the meetings between South African liberal academics, National Intelligence agents, politicians and ANC terrorists at their manor in England where they handed South Africa over to Marxist terrorist scum on a sip of whisky.

Nevertheless, to the Deputy President, this revolution will be a dream come true. Marxist scum just loves revolutions and the ANC has always thought that they were cheated out of theirs by the Codesa negotiations.

They have some unfinished business to take care of.

As I have mentioned before, at the time the ANC was little more than a fax machine in Dar es Salaam. Oliver Tambo was relaxing next to his pool at his villa in Zambia, living off Swedish funding.

None of the bastards were in the bush fighting a heroic freedom war. At least Swapo was to some extent.

As far as the ANC is concerned they had a Lazy-Boy revolution. They had their feet up in front of a fire with a glass of single malt, yarn swapping about their times as students of philosophy at various mediocre learning institutions

Their entire “revolution” was pulled off by White mining giants such as Consolidated Goldfields in the UK, the white liberal academics at mostly Afrikaner Universities, White journalists, White treacherous politicians, Treacherous White generals and senior officers in the SA Defence Force and Police, rubber stamped by a White electorate who allegedly voted 2/3 “Yes” in a referendum.
What was so heroic about that?

The ANC had almost nothing to do with their own “revolution” and they know it. That is why they are gunning for one today. They know full well that their heroic MK “Freedom Fighters” were mere criminal terrorists and their demented Demi-God Mandela is a fake who has done absolutely NOTHING to achieve peace in SA.

The world awarded him a Nobel prize…for what? Apparently he could have, but he didn’t, start a civil war in SA.

I could have, but I didn’t start an intergalactic war with the planet Zenon. Am I now a hero too?

Where is my Nobel Prize? What absurd crap is this?

Well, the communist geriatric fart is on his last legs now and when he pegs off, who knows what will happen?

According to Zuma’s Deputy, Kgalema Motlanthe, he can see some signs that tell him there is a revolution brewing in SA.

  • conspicuous consumption in the midst of grinding poverty as an ‘ingredient for revolution’.
  • he was extremely concerned about the rising tension in communities
  • Once the have-nots get to a point where they continue to fight against the degenerating feeling of nobodyness, then it’s only a matter of time…It’s something to be worried about a great deal.”
  • this winter people in communities throughout the country have taken to the streets to push for better living conditions.
  • When we go to bed with full stomachs, who are we to say to them: ‘Be patient. Wait. These things will come to you someday.’
  • The seething tensions are evident particularly when poor people see politicians and business leaders living high on the hog, when they have to live in squalor.
  • Lonmin Miners felt exploited.
  • According to MotLanthe the solution is…an overwhelming consensus that better education and boosting skills is the way to go.
  • Not all revolutions are successful. The revolutions that fail inherently fail because of internal traitors and sell outs.
  • And further…he says: “For now, clearer leadership, wiser government spending and at least more empathy for what many poverty-stricken South Africans are facing every day, may help to stem the uprising.”

Are you still awake?

Don’t worry I found it hard to stay awake during that crap myself.

So let me get this right…The people are poor, The ANC top brass are rich and flaunting it. The Natives get restless. The ANC says they should be better educated. But at the same time the ANC stuffs up the education system. So that is obviously not what they meant with better education and boosting skills.

In Communist NewSpeak, “better education and boosting skills”, simply means becoming a better and more streetwise criminal. And when you are really good, you earn your “Ph.D.” from the University of Robben Island” and become a government minister.

But let us look at some real signs that indicate a revolution is brewing. Forget Motlanthe’s bollocks.

As I have mentioned before, Dr Crane Brinton’s “The Anatomy of a Revolution” is the Bible of Revolutionary study. He studied hundreds of revolutions and then chose four to illustrate his findings, namely the American, French, English and Russian revolutions.

He likened his studies to a doctor witnessing a human body contracting a virus. He documented in scientific manner every stage of the revolution.

According to him human society is the body and revolution the virus.

What he tried to do was to establish certain similarities or “uniformities” in revolutions so that we could see one coming a mile away.

What he said was that it is difficult to almost impossible to calculate and exact time that a revolution will occur.

Revolutions do not start suddenly with a spontaneous event of people going onto the streets or a big event like storming the Bastille.

There is normally a long run-up to a revolution. The first steps of a revolution might not even be clear to the revolutionists themselves and it is entirely possible for them to find themselves in the middle of a revolution without ever recognizing how they got there.

Contrary to common belief, revolutions are NOT started by starving poor people. Examples are legion, like Zimbabweans, Ethiopians, etc who starve in their millions yet never revolt against their governments.

Just about every revolution ever was started, by ordinary to upper middle class people. An educated middle class who felt, hard done by, by an unjust system…(in modern day South Africa…BEE, AA, Quotas in Sport, Quotas at university, etc).

Just about every revolution was started because of an unpopular form of taxation. You pay and pay and you get nothing back and you have no say in how your tax money is being spent. It is called “taxation without representation”…Normally over taxation and under representation.

A revolution starts years before with people starting to compose songs, writing plays and poems, distributing pamphlets (modern day blogging), organizing pressure groups, etc. ( Songs like De La Rey…)

In just about every revolution, you find that the people are not really poor. Even during the French and Russian revolutions they were on the upswing at the time. Same like the blacks in South Africa during Apartheid. They were not millionaires, but certainly ten times better off than in the rest of Africa…or India for that matter and nobody was starving..

In every case before a revolution occurs, you find that it is not the people who are bankrupt, but the governments. They have nothing more to steal. They have stolen it all.

Another critical event is the shifting of allegiance by the Academic Class.

During normal times of stability the Academics and Journalist normally praise the government. They even do so when they see that the regime is becoming more and more totalitarian, hoping that the regime would change their ways, but they hope in vain.

Then you see a sudden change in allegiance of those academics and journalists where they turn 180 degrees against the government. Former praise singers and bards of the old regime, turning now 180 degrees against them…One of the prime examples of a revolution about to explode.

During this time, Dr. Brinton says, people will start talking about “sitting on a volcano about to erupt”.

Rioting starts to increase in the streets until it reaches a crescendo of protests, strikes and defiance.
At this stage the government’s attempts to suppress them fails because the revolutionists are too many, too strong, too resourceful…

Governmental agents trying to infiltrate them at this stage fail, because they are more than half won over to the opposition…

Now if we have to put all of that over into modern day current affairs then where does that leave us?

That the ANC is busy digging their own graves is sure, The German Newspaper “Der Spiegel” even reported upon their tragic demise over here – The Self Destruction of Africa’s ANC

But don’t be fooled…revolutions can be thwarted. Revolutions can fail. This has been witnessed in East Germany in the June 16th uprising against the Soviets in 1953 and also in Hungary in October/November of 1956 where the soviet tanks rolled in and crushed the revolution.

But where is the revolution within the revolution you ask?

Well now we come close to the secret of all warfare. Positioning. The ability to at all times know what position you are in and at the same time know the position of your opponent.

It is a scientific discussion that I will divulge at another time.

Nevertheless, for a person like me who is educated in the different stages of revolution it is not difficult to spot where the ANC thinks they are in their original plan…

However, what is becoming more and more clear to me is that South Africans are currently building up to two simultaneous revolutions.

On the one hand you have the discontented blacks who are waging a revolution against their own ANC government…and at the same time a different Revolution by the whites….Left and Right…against the ANC.

The situation is a revolution within a revolution., compounding itself to exponential levels day by day. Blacks on the one hand, whites on the other…All against the ANC. Majorities on the one hand and minorities on the other.

The eventual outcome will be that Whites will have a revolution within the middle of a black on black revolution.

If I was an ANC member of the NEC right now, I would be shitting myself.

I warned them for many years to start governing the country properly or face the consequences, but no…they knew better. Now that the endgame is coming their way, I hope that they are making provisions to flee to some paradise resort.

I further hope they realize that his time around they will be hunted down and brought to book for all their injustices against the people of South Africa. Justice must be served before we can ever have peace in this country.

By Mike Smith

Source – Mike Smith’s Political CommentaryIs South Africa heading for a revolution within a revolution? What are the signs?

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