Municipality probing Facebook post – Winsten Koeries Dusautoir

The Western Cape Witzenberg municipality is investigating a senior traffic officer, Winsten Koeries Dusautoir, for allegedly posting calls on a social network for violence against farmers, The Star reported on Wednesday., a self-described “uncensored news” website which claims that Afrikaners are victims of genocide, reposted the officer’s comments.

SEEDEATH THREATS against specific CERES farmers: Witzenberg WC traffic superintendent Winsten Koeries Dusautoir wants to take up AK47 against Boere

The alleged comments, in Afrikaans, were: “It looks like we must again pick up our AK-47s here in the fucking Western Cape. I am sick of farmers and the DA.

The comments continued: “The fucking farmers know who our leaders are, and now our leaders are being targeted,” adding the DA wants to make the Western Cape a province for “Boere“.

The municipality covers Bela Vista, Ceres, Tulbagh and Wolsely.

This comes amid tension in the Ceres fruit-growing area following a series of pay strikes.

Witzenberg municipal manager David Nasson and the SA Local Government Association were investigating a complaint against the officer. He had not been charged and was still on active service.

He could not be reached for comment.

Source – Municipality probing Facebook post


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