Farm attacks: Mthethwa’s ‘silence’ slammed

Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa remains silent on farm attacks to an extent that borders on collusion, Afriforum said on Tuesday.

Farm attacks Mthethwas silence slammed

Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa (Picture: Sapa)

The minister’s silence on the scourge of farm attacks is a disgrace,” the civil rights organisation’s deputy chief executive Ernst Roets said in a statement.

If the minister is serious about the protection of South Africans, he would have declared farm attacks a priority crime years ago.

Roets was reacting to reports that an elderly couple were found dead on a farm near Parys, Free State, on Tuesday.

Mthethwa’s spokesperson Zweli Mnisi said Afriforum was “racialising” the crime.

Their allegations that the minister is not speaking out against farm attacks is a clear sign of selective analysis and listening,” he said.

We do not just speak out, we act against any criminality that occurs within farms, and when we speak about farm attacks, we do not racialise crime like they do.

He said the government intended dealing with all rural crime.

As government we commit ourselves to fighting crime in whatever form it manifest[s] itself in our society – including farm killings.

Police spokesperson Colonel Thandi Mbambo said the couple was found dead in a tuck shop they ran from a garage on the farm on Tuesday.

The husband was found on the floor of the tuck shop, with his feet tied and head covered with a material sack,” she said.

The body of the woman, aged between 70 and 75, was found stuffed into a freezer. No visible injuries were found on their bodies.

The bodies were taken to the state mortuary where post mortems would be conducted to determine the cause of their deaths.

A domestic worker arrived at the house at 07:30 on Tuesday, found the farm house ransacked and the couple missing.

A neighbour arrived and helped search for them, until they were found in the tuck shop.

No arrests had been made.


Farm attacks: Mthethwa’s ‘silence’ slammed


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9 Responses to Farm attacks: Mthethwa’s ‘silence’ slammed

  1. Edwin says:

    ” Blame the Truth tellers” is one of 12 Ways to deny Geonice. Google it, this is important! 1,2 10 and 11 fits Mthetwa 100%, and this is being going on for years. Afriforum, please have a look at the international laws, and then confront the ANC. You will NEVER win on their grounds. Have a look at the Rome Statute, and SEE how they lie. We are trying to convince you but somehow you dont want to hear?

  2. Reblogged this on murderbymedia and commented:
    Is this at all surprising news? How often do negroes ever bother expending the smallest ammount of effort to do a damned thing to help Whites? Never mind that we’ve spent trillions of dollars and vast amounts of energy and effort trying to help this useless race. The obvious question that needs to be asked is what the hell good are these ground apes anyway?

  3. Adrian says:

    “Mthethwa’s spokesperson Zweli Mnisi said Afriforum was “racialising” the crime.”

    Uhhhh, no, ANC have been the ones that have racialised the crime with their “kill the boer” antics, behind the scenes actions, their hate speeches, economic marginalizations, based on race let alone the fact that the statistics speak for themselves and the fact that Afrikaners are on Stage 6 on Genocide Watch. I can’t believe the way these evil pieces of trash brush off a valid criticism with a counter accusation that is a red herring fallacy to try demonize .the person while ignoring the argument.

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