South Africa in ‘State of Anarchy’

South Africans should by now realize that the game is on…

South Africa in 'State of Anarchy'

Mines closing down, retrenchments are at the order of the day, the new CEO of Anglo-American being pushed to withdraw from SA, even Fitch now having downgraded the country and all the major banks, murders are increasing sharply. Huge industrial projects halted due to violent strike actions and even nursing colleges shutting down as a result of the the same. Strikes, riots, crime, murder, rape, corruption, are now all out of control and SA is in a state of anarchy. When a country’s police force is as corrupt and involved in murders and armed robberies as the criminals they are supposed to be fighting that country is in a state of anarchy.

Mining taxes will be driving mining companies from SA at an increased rate. More and more global companies are withdrawing, while most already have. In short SA is collapsing faster than ever before and we are now experiencing the prodromal effects of total collapse.

There is no doubt that Nelson Mandela‘s death is imminent, which is now known to be a serious concern at all levels as the trigger for revolution. It is the opportunity someone like Malema is waiting for. While Malema has been temporarily silenced by way of court actions, political marginalisation and financial strangulation it is an accepted fact that he still retains huge influence over the youth. The death of Mandela will see him rising to the fore in full force and we all know the consequences of the 1976 youth riots.

This country was stolen bankrupt five years ago already, the SA banks have been virtually bankrupt for the past four years plus. The inflation rate is at least ten times the “official” inflation rate. The Rand is under serious pressure, which is increasing by the day.

The PC game of the economists, called the JSE, would come crushing down like a stack of dominoes and we’ll see economists and brokers trying their hand at sky diving without parachutes from every skyscraper in every major centre.

Eskom is no longer able to keep up with the electricity demands of this country and once Eskom collapses African history will repeat itself in SA. The consequences being complete collapse of the currency followed by anarchy and that would be the end of SA for the next 30 to 40 years. If Eskom’s grid is to collapse both fuel and water supplies would be directly affected forcing transport to a halt.

While the actual violence would probably escalate to leak within the first six months, it should last no more than about two years before things simmer down, but the after effects of it would last decades as we have seen throughout Africa and South America over the years.

When this happens the first to close their doors are assurance and insurance companies and banks.

Armed gangs would pose a serious threat and people would be executed in public by the numbers. No street or suburb would be safe. It would be a fight for survival and a free for all. Hunger would drive the masses to the towns and cities and people would be killed for food and water.

The already collapsed health services would no longer exist. Medical supplies would grind to a halt. This is Africa, which means that churches and medical services would be prime targets. Gang rapes followed by ruthless death by torture would be the norm. The cities, and security complexes in particular, would be death traps.

The police and army would be useless and they would most probably partake rather than suppress the violence.

South Africa would turn into a blood bath making Syria and Iraq seem like a children’s playgrounds.

There is a good chance that Zuma maybe ousted in the very near future, but should Mandela die he would be toppled within days to a few weeks thereafter. No one would be able to stop this train from running away until it loses momentum and grinds to a halt by itself.

Doesn’t matter how we look at it and what who is trying to convince us otherwise, SA is heading this way and nothing and no one will stop or prevent it from happening.

South Africa has already stepped unto a pressure release landmine, someone just needs to lift their foot from the detonator.

Good luck, be safe, and be alert at all times.

South Africa in ‘State of Anarchy’


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