The war against the indigenous people of Europe

The native European is attacked, intimidated, lied to structurally discriminated against, robbed, beaten and even killed in the line for who he is: a white European.

The war against the indigenous people of Europe

PLEASE NOTE: This article has been auto translated using Google Translate, as-is, so there will be some grammatical/spelling errors in this article.

Yes, let’s consider just call it like it is. The native Europeans is attacked, intimidated, lied to structurally discriminated against, robbed, beaten and even killed in the line for who he is: a white European. The native Europaan has declared war.

Hans Janmaat dared to say he wanted to abolish.’s Multi-cultural society Now I never found Janmaat one of the brightest and even suspected him of racism but his position was more than worth it to engage in debate. Already in its time hit the impoverishment of the masses by cities to immigrants who wanted to reap the benefits of the Dutch piggy banks but us and our culture just hate deeply. We know what happened. No one went with him in debate. He was gagged and intimidated with an attack on the hotel where he held a meeting. Is well known that the left church was responsible for that.

Pim Fortuyn everyone knows the famous recording in which he at a meeting of his heart Liveable Netherlands air and said what everyone was already thinking. “A fifth column, sir We have a fifth column in Europe, It is five to twelve”. He was talking about Islam. Not the people, but the Islamic political system is what democracy invreet, it erodes, by making use of our free and open society legislation. Abuse He was murdered. Also it we know who is responsible. “The bullet came from the left”.

Fortuyn’s words had not died away or Theo Van Gogh was murdered. By exactly that Islam where he warned. The left Cohen and the queen did not know how fast they were going to beg them to please that they never would. To a mosque And the government? The corpse was not cold or the law on blasphemy had to be tightened. Because that Van Gogh had about Islam. Such crude talk.

Gregory Nekschot was his bed lifted because of a few cartoons, exhibitions were canceled, piggy banks were captivated, complaints about pavers bare-chested and gentlemen cleavage as it is outside 30 degrees, claims are that had to be removed because of offensive and to expose, Christmas trees lost ground, hands that no longer were shaken, sit as was enforced, suddenly no beer and wine more on table at Pauwels and PRATE, an immigrant quota in public broadcasting, leaflets in Amsterdam where on platelets Dutch as xenophobic Tokkies put down the court enters be shelters where repainted, excuse immigrants had to come in a big city, our fretting was halal certified without that we know, without value in parliament, a Muslim mayor bikinis from H & M are the most extreme Sharia clubs are here welcome to conferencing, Hamas, Milli Gurus to Hizb ut-Tahrir, one after another mosque opened, “event of equal suitability, preference is given to a foreigner”, the minarets are higher every year, the mosques increasing and in the most remote provincial towns must suddenly the call to prayer blaring over the rooftops. Allah is the greatest! Submit! Long live the PvdA, Green, SP, D66 and all the so-called liberal and Christian parties! And who also happen to be all-popping Europhile. And nobody even thinks to just apply to smother them. Discriminatory intolerant shit in the bud the Dutch law

In the Telegraph today was that three people were arrested in the wake of “the stabbing “in London. Let it penetrate you. The penny drops already? Lee Rigby on Islamic manner, under “Allahu Akbar” shouting and with a declared by the perpetrators themselves motivation from Sura 9 of the Koran, their throats cut and even beheaded. Reduced to “stabbing”. I estimate one week: and it was his own fault. As with Van Gogh.

No, what is NOT in the Telegraph is that 11 Britons were arrested because they are on Twitter and Facebook expressing their rage this exuberant Islamic folklore in their capital. The blood under the nails of people drawn by the years of political correctness where citizens with sighs. As it happens everywhere: There are no Sharia neighborhoods, a headhunting under “Allahu Akbar”-sounding has nothing to do with Islam and in Sweden rioting “youths”. And you write down in a fit of pent up anger that she foreigners out to all marbles or typhoid that Muslims entering the country to take over without anyone but a straw in the way she explains. But then you’re suddenly a racist! And then the police immediately in action as opposed to the slaughter festival in Woolwich where unarmed agents have been watching it for 20 minutes someone was there with a gun who dared to step thin. Shit with the legs out of his car

In Sweden the Husby district is already under attack by hordes week mainly Muslim immigrants. Meanwhile the violence already beaten to other Swedish cities. The reason? The police defended themselves against an armed man. Same reason here in Amsterdam West a few years ago for weeks many cars went up in flames. Same reason the suburbs in France days were the scene of a large-scale civil war against everything but immigrants came to the feet. The car fires in Amsterdam West not even made it NOS News more after a few days. It took four days for the NOS News the word “immigrant” finally in the mouth dared to take over the civil war in Sweden. That Swedish Stockholm where natives are arrested who want to defend their neighborhood while police Vollmann nothing against immigrant gangs.

All power and media bastions in our society are connected as by cultural Marxists. You do not meet their distorted world you can count on a Berufsverbot, intimidation, you Nazi, xenophobic, racist and the whole string chewed more qualifications. In Germany, England, France, Netherlands, Sweden: Everywhere schools where white children are discriminated against based on their indigenous origin. Please note in their own country! A right-wing broadcasting as Popned need to see 50,000 members to get them but can broadcast a Muslim broadcaster gets a bag subsidy from the government and goes nice its course on the Dutch State Television. In the textbooks state that Pim Fortuyn was murdered by a white man with a cap, without indicating which way it came, but if there is even a foreigner pulls something than it is about “young people”.

Old white Dutch ladies of 85 street robbed by that Muslim scum. Not their own mothers and grandmothers Dutch but they attack. Blonde girls are raped on the assembly line in Sweden. Not headscarves from their own clan. In Malmö lives by now already no longer Jew so bad that people are harassed. Blonde girls dye their hair is dark but not to the victim. In France the Muslims now determine the outcome of the elections. Obviously they vote on the cultural Marxists Hollande. In the big cities of the Netherlands is the most chosen boys name newborns Muhammad. In Germany you can speak no more football and the left bokkeblaadje of that city finds out that you have criticism of Islam. You can track teachers forget when you are in your private time on the Internet say what you think about Islam and an avid journalistje of (again) you get a leaf left in his sights and the director of the school calling. As a politician, you have been for years with armed gorillas roam from safe house to safe house if you dare to openly say what ‘m the shoe pinches. I myself get the police Haaglanden and Complaints Bureau for Discrimination on the Internet on my roof with threats onwelgevalligs that something would have been said on this site where they do not agree with the politics. It goes on and on. Google is even turned on so the ads-weggevanderknijfft-because the texts would not fit within the cultural Marxist and Islamic doctrine here that this site financially broken and mouth must be silenced because we just fucking say the truth here as it is.

This whole leftist propaganda machine in Europe through their power bastion since the 60s throughout Europe structurally disrupted by political correctness, which for decades has been engaged to import its own illiterate Muslim electorate is now working through the oudcommunisten in the EU superstate off force which all European nations, driven by poor economy, migrate through each other. Dutch to Eastern Europe, Eastern Europeans to Western countries, southern Europeans flock to the north and the borders remain open for even more unskilled Muslim immigrants and asylum seekers.

Why? Why this violent chaos firing on the once peaceful post-war Europeans? To disrupt. Every form of nationalism For every glimmer proud of your country to detract. In the British Parliament was once said by a leftist politician: “We’ll diversity in the press with their noses”. To deny our identity. To dispose of everything our own is us. For step by step to demoralize the people of Europe and bogged down. Ultimately into total chaos And you know what, like a rabbit out of the hat, the solution is? A tyrannical European Super State which supposedly have to be formed to restore order. A multicultural EUSSR with five-year plans, where whole nations be removed from their native soil as in the Soviet Union and as did the Nazis. A dictatorship with a European police European taxes, a European bank, a single currency and a handful multicuturalistische Marxists that free markets are divided among a handful of big industrialists amenities such as water, agriculture, fisheries, energy, raw materials and food control.

It’s not so much that Allah with his Quran 1400 years ago declared. War on us That Muslims are just stupid jumping jacks who dance to the tune of every diabolical hatred beard standing with Saudi money imam can call.
No, the biggest enemy of the free democratic west is still, even long before the Second World War, Marxism. Marxism that now “liberal” social-democratic “,” GL “or just” socialist “calls while the Christians by now have a stiff neck the other cheek. Marxism that now forms the backbone of the European Union.

The cultural Marxists are responsible. That the force that entire cities are taken over by Muslims in Europe and the indigenous population is persecuted and driven from their homes is. They hope for more Breivik so they can suppress all facets of society and could deprive. The last glimmer of freedom under the guise of “security” Karl Marx has declared war on us and he lives in The Hague, London, Berlin, Paris and Stockholm and his office is in Brussels.

They are the indigenous people of Europe declared war. Well, they can ‘t get. Because they made a mistake. They have not learned from history and not all still kill us or let murder. The European nations will claim their birthright and land. Regardless of price.

De oorlog tegen de autochtone bevolking van Europa


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