An act of solidarity

In a dramatic show of solidarity, Richards Bay residents were lining up to donate blood for attacked Hluhluwe farmer P J Hassard after his liver was badly injured. Doctors issued an urgent call for A-neg or O-neg blood after he would not stop bleeding. Many prayers are also being said for his survival, residents are reporting.

An act of solidarity


Peter-John Hassard shot, sustains liver-damage, farm attack Hluhluwe 5 black male gunmen

Hluhluwe, KZN – Peter-John Hassard, a young farmer of Silvasands Safaris near Khuhluwe, KZN – who is a son of ex-KZN rugby union president Peter Hassard – was
attacked on Tuesday morning May 20 2013 on his farm and shot.

He survived and fought back against the five black male attackers, reports a family friend.

Five black gunmen had held the workers on the farm at gunpoint – and PJ was attacked by the gunmen when he went to fetch the workers in his farm-vehicle.

They also shot him once through his body and surgery later showed that the bullet had damaged his liver – however he was still able to resist and fought back – managing to take away one of their firearms.

The thugs then fled.

The young farmer then drove himself to a doctor despite his injury and upon arrival there was taken to a Richards Bay Hospital for treatment.

His sister andra Hassard-Trethewey said her brother is in stable condition.

She wrote on Facebook: “PJ is out of theatre: his liver was damaged. Please keep him in your prayers he needs it.’

The local farming community have mounted a search party with the SAPS


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