Fifth attack in Fernkloof reserve, Hermanus

Hermanus tourists will be given guards, pepper spray, whistles to protect them from feral attackers…

31-Dec-2009 HERMANUS, South Africa A fifth group of tourists hiking at Fernkloof reserve in Hermanus has been attacked within just a few months. Three international volunteers lodging at nearby Camphill School were held up at knifepoint on Monday morning by two men who stole their camera and a cellphone, police spokeswoman Pindelwa Mavakala said. And just as had happened in previous attacks, the attackers stoned the hikers, telling them to look away.

The hikers – Brazilian Luca Reigosa, Swiss Cornelia Schneider and German Anna Fliske, aged between 19 and 26, according to Mavakala – were not injured.
This comes one week after a Canadian couple of South African descent were stabbed, stoned and left bound by two men at the intersection of a jeep track and a hiking trail. A week before that, an Italian couple were attacked: noted is the extreme violence and cruelty with which these attacks are carried out: for instance, a party of elderly South African hikers was cruelly beaten with their own walking sticks.

Sexual intimidation:

Fernkloof reserve Hermanus South Africa Warning Signs to Visitors about Security problems Dec12009 Municipal manager Werner Zybrandts said the two women were body-searched by the attackers. Four of the five attacks occurred at this site and police are investigating “whether the attacks are linked”. After Monday’s attack, which happened shortly after 11am, the three hikers walked down to the information centre at the Fernkloof Nature Reserve entrance.  Law enforcement officers subsequently arrested a man they found in the reserve, Zybrandts said. Later, in the Hemel-en-Aarde valley on the other side of the mountain, Mavakala said a security guard had become suspicious and followed a man who was slowly driving a vehicle close to Camphill Farm while talking on a cellphone.  "Two guys climbed into the car and he dropped them off later, close to Hermanus," she said.

Police officers, who had arrived on the scene, arrested all three men and found the hikers’ cellphone and camera in bushes close by. Zybrandts said one of the four men – who were still in police custody late Tuesday – had been positively linked to Monday’s mugging.  "We’re still busy with investigations to see if we can recover any of the items that were stolen in the other attacks," said Mavakala. As a result of the previous four attacks, Zybrandts said, warning signs had been erected at six of the reserve’s informal entrances, warning hikers of the attacks and urging them to use the main entrance where they could sign in to a control book.

The three hikers mugged on Monday had not, however, passed one of these signs. "They came in from a totally different area on the other side of the mountain. There are no signs there." In the first attack on November 12, an Italian couple was held up while sitting on a bench. One week later a German couple was held up at knifepoint nearby, and a week after that eight elderly South African hikers from Strand were beaten with their own walking sticks, said reserve manager Grant Forbes.

Previous attacks:
Janet and Martin Stern, SA expats from Toronto, were tied up, thrown with rocks, beaten and then left behind, bleeding and injured; Fernkloof nature reserve, Hermanus

They were vicious,’ the victims told Canadian TV news

Fernkloof rescue Hermanus Injured Canadian hiker after attack Dec 2009 Pic Andrew Brooks Dec 25 2009. The Sterns had visited Hermanus annually for the past 10 years, but this  Christmas Day they found themselves pleading for their lives after being stabbed, stoned, bound and robbed. This was the fourth attack in two months at the Fernkloof reserve. The news of the latest attack hit the headlines in Canada.

The latest victims in a spate of violent attacks in the Hermanus mountains told the Canadian news media how they were stabbed, stoned, bound and robbed while hiking. Martin, 59, and Janet, 57, Stern, left, were left bruised and lacerated after the "completely senseless" attack.

Picture of a shoeless, blood-covered Mr Stern during rescue from the Hermanus mountain, picture by News24 reader Andrew Brooks

A concerned local hiker, Delia Scott, has offered a R1,000 reward for information about the attacks: "It is very close to our hearts because my husband and I often hike that route," she said.

Municipal manager Werner Zybrandts said Hermanus was stepping up its security in the area, erecting warning signs and offering security guards, pepper spray and whistles for hiking groups. Martin said having hiked for more than half an hour from the entrance to the reserve at the bottom of the kloof, they were walking along a jeep track on top of the mountain when they passed two men walking in the opposite direction. "I said good morning, and they nodded," he said, speaking from his hospital bed at Hermanus Medi-Clinic. A few seconds later they heard running footsteps behind them and presumed joggers were approaching. "The next thing we knew we were being stabbed in the back. I was stabbed next to my kidney, and they stabbed Janet in the arm," said Martin. "They pushed us to the ground and picked up rocks." One attacker smashed Martin across the face with a rock and ripped his bag from his back using his knife.

"They had large hunting knives that looked about 12 inches (30cm) long, then they really started roughing us up. " Janet started saying to them: ‘Would you treat your mother like this?’" Every time she said it they beat her again. "I was trying to reason with them, but they were totally out of control," she said. "I think they were drugged up," said Martin.

Picture below: Cape Times, Michael Walker, also read Canadian news article:

"They were completely senseless – there was no rationale.  "If they had just come to us with knives I would have given them the money equally." The attackers took a camera, Janet’s watch and wedding ring and cellphone before forcing them down the slope away from the road, throwing rocks at them as they walked. About 30m down the slope the attackers used the couples’ shoelaces to bind their feet and hands.

"We were feeling very faint and we were beginning to pass out and they told us to lie down. One of them kept saying: ‘Don’t kill them. Don’t kill them.’ Our worst thoughts were that they would slit our throats, or rape. "Janet said to me in Hebrew: ‘We’re going to pray to God,’ and then they left us." The couple were left alone, dehydrated, drenched in blood and weak…

Stern Martin and Janet recovering attack HermanusDec222009PicMichaelWalkerCapeTimesWhen Janet tried to raise her head, they threw rocks at her, and then the couple were left alone, dehydrated, drenched in blood and weak. Staggering back to the road, they collapsed repeatedly.

"There were flies all around us. The blood was caked everywhere." Reaching a bench at a viewing site, Martin said: "We can’t stay here. We’re losing too much blood." Staggering again down the jeep track, they saw a group of hikers approaching – the Jouberts. They gave them water, mopped their brows, applied a tourniquet to Martin’s worst wound and called rescuers, who airlifted the couple to hospital. "They saved us," said Janet of the Jouberts.

Martin Stern said they agreed to be interviewed "because I don’t want anyone else to be killed." Originally from South Africa, the Sterns moved to Canada more than 20 years ago. Born in Cape Town, Martin Stern is a vice-president and financial adviser at CIBC Wood Gundy. The couple had been returning to the Cape Town area annually since 1994.  One of the couple’s three daughters told the Globe and Mail that her parents had no plans to change their travel arrangements in South Africa despite the attack.

Italian couple two months ago:

Grant Forbes, reserve manager at Fernkloof, said that in the first attack two months ago, an Italian couple were approached from behind and held up at knifepoint: "They didn’t see the guys’ faces." The other two attacks were similar. In the second, a woman was slapped in the face, and in the most recent attack, three weeks ago, eight hikers were mugged by two men who beat them with their own walking sticks. 

In each incident the attackers were two men, although police Inspector David Payne still insists – despite the identical modus operandi  that there ‘was no evidence linking the attacks’. They occurred on the same trail, in the same area. Zybrandts said two men were apprehended by baboon monitors after the third attack, but they were released due to a lack of evidence.  "Their excuse was that they were looking for jobs," he said.

    • This article was originally published on page 1 of Cape Times on December 24, 2009

Unknown man also found dead on rock-ledge:

Fernkloof rescue Hermanus SA unidentified body of man when Canadian couple also was robbed while hiking Andrew Brooks2 pic Police have also not yet identified the partially decomposed body found on Sunday away from a mountain about a kilometre above Voelklip beach. The circumstances surrounding his death remain murky.  Contact information Overstrand municipality security officer: Director: Protection Services Contact Person: Neville Michaels Contact Number: 028 313 8914



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Vertel ons wie jou Vrye Weekblad gefinansier het, Max

Beste Max,
Gister op die Praagwebwerf het ons ‘n ope brief aan jou van so om en by 2500 woorde gepubliseer wat deur Robbie Jubber, ‘n oudveiligheidspolisieman, geskryf is, in kommentaar op jou boek “Dwars”.
Daarin vra hy onder andere dat jy bekend moet maak wie destyds die Vrye Weekblad gefinansier…

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Herrie se kerrie: Van Zuma en somme maak

Dit is maar goed dat Herrie se deel van die brein wat met somme en wiskunde werk, die algemene Suid-Afrikaanse tendens van ontbrekende syfervaardigheid voorafgegaan het.
Dus kan, en hoef Herrie hom nie te verknies oor die numeriese smêsj van wat gebeur as tradisie en gelyke regte in Suid-Afrika…

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2009 12 31 – AfriForum calls on parents to support mother-tongue education – Business Day

Lees 2009 12 31 – AfriForum calls on parents to support mother-tongue education – Business Day hier

That unspoken b-word: ‘birth-control’…

Bundles of Sorrow

by George Annandale –  The Star – Johannesburg 

2009-12-29 — “I woke up on Saturday morning to the exciting news that over 500 "Bundles of Joy" were born on Christmas day in South African hospitals. We need this glorious news like a hole in the head. Two-hundred of these babies will be dead by next Christmas…’ he writes.

  • “Truth be said, besides the 500-odd babies born in hospitals a further five-thousand-odd were born all over the place; babies born in abject poverty from parents who cannot sustain themselves, never mind their ‘Bundles of Joy’. “

“What the tellers of the stories of delight omits from their good tidings is that more than 200 of these "Bundles of Joy" will be dead as Dodos by next Christmas, many of them having died most horribly of hunger or HIV/Aids related deaths.

The bearers of good tidings also forgot, conveniently perhaps, to tell us how many of these babies were born to unemployed and poverty stricken parents who can hardly afford enough food to render onto them the energy required to procreate. Many of them having probably harnessed their last bit of energy, most likely derived from an energy bar or Wilson Toffee, stolen from the nearest spaza-shop.

To add more gloom to the supposedly joyous Christmas birthing occasion, it must be noted that more than a hundred of the babies who survived the first year, will die a horrible and suffering death before they are five.

The four-and-a-half thousand who remain, after the initial carnage, does not face a life of moonshine-and-roses either. At least 50% of them will live on the breadline, having to scrounge a living from rubbish heaps, dust bins, begging and petty theft; never knowing whether they will see the next Christmas and not even having a clue that, odds are, they will be dead by twenty-five.

"What is wrong with that?" – some may quite rightly ask, not realising we live in a country, part of a continent that, with the best will in the world, have never been able to sustain itself and its people without alms and food donations.

That the ANC government and its partners refuse to acknowledge or address this very real problem is inconsequential to most. To them, the so-called leaders, the populist promise of social allowances, whilst hoping for a miracle, is the only way to handle the crisis facing the country and the continent.

Instead of facing the fact that too many people are competing for resources, they while away their time, making transformation plans whilst blaming everything, from labour-brokers to white farmers, weather, apartheid, thieves-in-their-midst and wages, for the plight of the poor and desperate.

To them, the so-called leaders, as virulent African breeders of note, the very idea of any legal constraints on breeding, like measures propagated, implemented and enforced by many civilised or half-civilised country outside the African continent, as solution to their overpopulation problem, is quite unthinkable, or as some would say, "Too ghastly to contemplate".

Instead of preaching moderation, African leaders urge their illiterate followers to "Go forth and multiply" and promise them monetary rewards as an additional incentive, encouraging them in their belief that their breeding is an assurance policy against famine and pestilence…

2009 12 31 – Berig op eTV oor AfriForum se standpunt oor moedertaalonderrig

Kliek hier om na die berig te kyk:

2009 12 31 – AfriForum vra ouers om kinders in moedertaal te onderrig – Beeld

Lees 2009 12 31 – AfriForum vra ouers om kinders in moedertaal te onderrig – Beeld hier

2009 12 31 – UFS – Citizen

Lees 2009 12 31 – UFS – Citizen hier

2009 12 30 – Polisie onkundig – Volksblad

Lees 2009 12 30 – Polisie onkundig – Volksblad hier

Policing News Dec 31 2009 South Africa

SA trade union boycots Coca-Cola

Numsa Job Security Campaign 2009-12-29 SAPA – The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) has called on consumers to boycott Coca-Cola for four hours a day in support of soft-drink workers picketing in Pretoria.  The call had a quick reaction: the company announced that several of its trucks were thrown with rocks and attacked. About 700 employees of Amalgamated Beverage Industries (ABI) staged a protest at the company’s Pretoria plant following collapsed talks with management. The workers are affiliated to the government-alligned Food and Allied Worker’s Union (Fawu). Numsa spokesmann Castro Ngobese called on consumers to stop buying ABI beverages between 1pm and 5pm every day so as to force the company to meet the workers’ demands.

Fawu general secretary Katishi Masemola said the strike was part of increasing pressure on ABI to meet workers’ demands for a 9.5% wage increment, a 45-hour working week and overtime pay.They also want a moratorium on the use of labour brokers.Workers have been on a countrywide strike since last Tuesday, threatening to run the country dry of Coca-Cola.

The union threatened to intensify its strike after it failed to reach an agreement at a meeting last Thursday.It called on workers from SAB’s beer division and other subsidiaries to join them in a sympathy strike, which could increase the number of protesters from 3,500 to 8,000.ABI said it had received support from non-striking employees and that only 938 of its workforce of 3?,66 workers were on strike. ABI has not changed its final offer of an 8.3% wage increase.It said the strike would ‘’ not run the country dry of Coke’ as the majority of stock had already been moved into the trade and much of the distribution was run through owner-run outlets.

Nationalisation of SA mines on top of ANC Youth League Agenda in 2010

In January, the ANC Youth League will put forward a discussion document on how to nationalise the country’s mines. Floyd Shivambu said this framework would be put forward after the ANCYL discussed it at their lekgotla in January. "The discussion document will be clearly stating a framework on how nationalisation of mines will happen in South Africa," he said. Shivambu said the ANCYL would conduct study tours to countries that had greater State participation in the management of their economies and how this impacted in the development of their communities. "We will specifically visit countries such as China, Botswana, Zambia, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela and Namibia to study and learn how these countries have either succeeded or failed in the management and control of strategic sectors of their respective economies."

Police inspector of Jansenville accused of raping, badly assaulting 15-year-old girl

2009-12-30 – South Africa. A 41-year-old policeman will appear in the Jansenville Magistrate’s Court today after he allegedly raped and assaulted a 15-year-old girl, Eastern Cape police said.  SAPS spokesman inspector Gerry van Rooyen said the girl left a Jansenville tavern with the policeman on December 27.  He took her to a nearby rugby field where he allegedly raped and severely assaulted her. He was arrested on Tuesday and expected to appear in court on charges of rape and serious assault. The policeman, an inspector, is stationed at the Jansenville police station. SAPA

Somali shopkeeper killed by 7 man-gang in Delft

Dec 31 2009 – Delft, South Africa. Cape Town police have arrested four out of seven men who stabbed a Somali shopkeeper and ransacked his shop in Delft. Captain Joe Wilson said a man went to the shop on Kunene street under the pretence of using the pay phone at around 13:45 on Wednesday."He then insisted that the shopkeeper open the door and assist him. When the shopkeeper opened the door the suspect attacked him by stabbing him with a sharp object in the left side of his chest," said Wilson. Six other men joined him in ransacking the shop and ran away with an undisclosed amount of cellphone airtime and cigarettes. Wilson said two assistants in the shop were unharmed. "Within an hour and with the assistance of witnesses, police arrested four of the suspects, aged 22, 23, 24 and 38, in the vicinity," he said. The men would appear in the Bellville Magistrate’s Court on January 4 on charges of robbery and murder. Wilson urged anyone with information to contact Captain Johhny Wiid at Delft police on 021 954 9000.

Cops root out Rasta garden

2009-12-30  Cape Town police have confiscated the contents of a Rastafarian front garden that was grown for smoking rather than pretty flowers.

Shootout at top Joburg school

2009-12-31 A robber has been arrested after he and an accomplice fired at a guard at a Johannesburg girls’ school, who then returned fire. The pair, one of them armed, entered the grounds of St Mary’s School in Waverley at around 21:00, Captain Phillip Maganedisa said.The armed man shot at the guard, who returned fire. There were no injuries. Other security guards patrolling the area arrived and the two men jumped over the school’s fence and ran away. The unarmed man was arrested, but the other man got away.

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